Verbena officinalis. Veronal. Homeopathy

( "Vervain" by Bach. Verbena)

It is the remedy for the extremes of mental energy, which manifests itself in hiperesfuerzos, stress and tension. It is for people who are forced to themselves, by pure will to do things that are beyond their physical strength, living by dint of nerves "and the result is physical exhaustion, illness and" burnout ". Opinions and ideas that underpin hardly change and they want to impose on others. Among them are the fans, reformers and martyrs for a cause, have great courage and face any danger to defend its principles. They are generally quick to speak and in their movements, and skinny, very tense, irritated when they can not accomplish what they want. If you are not going fast enough, can be taken to make even greater efforts. You can never relax, which exhausts, there is a misuse of energy, which robs them of vitality, reducing their resistance to disease. Bach said: "This remedy is teaches us that rather than being done, that great things are fulfilled".