Vespa. Homeopathy

(The Wasp. Includes V. vulgaris (Common Wasp), V. CRABRO (the European Avispon) and V. maculata (the hornet American).
Pathogenetic symptoms and produced by bites.
1 Terrible anxiety. Feels like it was going to die at night. Depressed
worse before menstruation.
Insensitivity 2. Unconscious, with inability to move.
3 Down: motion; after sleep after dinner.
4 weak. Fainting all day, shaking and nausea. Trembling with chattering teeth.
5, cutting pains like electric shocks, through all the joints. Tearing or burning sudden, or pinching and deep. Burning pain, swelling and redness at the bite, as if pricked with needles to red, or cold around the bite.
6 Dizziness, better lying on his back. Headache. Swollen head. Alopecia.
7 - () Inflammation of the conjunctiva, with great redness, itching of the eyelids and the eyelids Erysipelatous eruption. Intense chemosis, especially in the right eye, covering the entire conjunctiva, which appears yellowish, then putting red, with intense swelling of eyelids, face and even the tongue with pain as with needles to red, with less outdoor watering and lids stuck together on waking. Blindness.
8 Otalgia sharp right. Purulent otorrhea. Suppurative otitis media.
9 - () face livid, dark-red, bloated. Anxious expression. Oedematous face and eyes. Pain in the cheek, as if he went through red needles, appearing suddenly in paroxysms and periodically.
10 - () Tongue swollen, red, round, filling the mouth can not speak; swallowing painful and difficult. Swelling of the mouth and palate, with burning pains.
11 Swelling of the throat, with pain and heat. Dysphagia. Tonsils with cheesy deposits. Pharyngeal varicosities.
Hunger 12. Sed. Belching. Nausea in the evening, with weight in the stomach, feeling faint and trembling. Sensation of cold or heat in the stomach.
13 Tenderness in the kidney region to deep pressure. Enuresis.
Burning urination. Hematuria. Dysuria with back pain.
14 - () Swelling of penis and scrotum foreskin.
15 - () Dolores and affections of left ovary, with repeated burning urination and pain in the sacrum extended upward. Menses intermittent, sometimes brown, and always in pain and flatulence. Cervical ulcer.
16 - () hoarseness. Glottis spasm or edema, with pallor or cyanosis, sweating front and terrible anxiety and restlessness. Dyspnea. Tachypnea.
Chest pain 17. Almost imperceptibly slow or the heart. Rapid, weak pulse, or with violent throbbing of carotids.
18 Pain in side of neck, worse at night, lying on his back better osobre the right side. Pain in the shoulder blade.
19 Pain in the shoulder, axillary adenopathy. Pain as of dislocation in the left shoulder to move him, worse raising arm. Hand and arm pains.
20 Sleep restless. Insomnia.
Heat 21. Punctures burning at the bite, which is red, hard swelling surrounded by a circle of chills that generalizes, extending intennitentes waves throughout the body.
22 - () Hand, foot and chest red. Swelling in large parts of the body, pain, burning and redness. Erythema scarlatiniform with intense itching and burning after scratching, with papules and urticaria. Across the skin desquamation. Ulcers. Abscesses throughout the body, with thinning.