Vichy. Homeopathy

(Mineral water, Vichy (France))
1 Very depressed, feels as if it were to happen a disgrace. Anxiety about the future for no reason.
2 - () Worse. from cold and drafts (very sensitive) when eating and after eating, sitting, after intercourse (great exhaustion).
3 - () points.
Desire and aversion VICHY
4 Desire for wine.
5 Tips below the right mastoid, in the right temple in the storm, the occiput. Itching on the forehead violent morning on waking.
6 Stitches in eyes with tearing. Ve-colored sparks in the morning.
Pressure pain under his left eye.
7 points behind the ears.
8 coryza. You smell a dead body in the morning on rising, or very intense cucumber.
9 points between the jaw joint and the left temple. Pain in the jaw when chewing. Painful red bumps on upper lip, 10 Mouth very dry and very bitter. Copious saliva, salt, with heartburn. Bitter taste and slimy; the morning on rising; the evening, with thirst.
Extreme hunger 11. No thirst, even in hot weather. Heartburn. Nausea while eating. Belching. Gastric emptying without hunger. Gastralgias; cutting after the first bite.
12 Pain in the liver and left upper quadrant. Flatus hot.
Rumbling with cramping. Desire to move the belly, but only leave flatus, as if to have diarrhea, hungry.
13 Depositions very difficult with lots of flatus, followed by burning and discomfort in the rectum. Soft or liquid stools and copious.
Bladder pain 14 tomorrow. Nocturnal urinary frequency. And spumosa urination.
15 violent and prolonged erections, without desire. Excessive itching in the urethral meatus, navicular fossa and scrotum. Desire diminished. Excessive weakness after intercourse.
Dry cough from tickling 16 laryngeal, followed by coryza flux. Nocturnal cough with difficult expectoration. Painful discomfort in the chest followed by purulent expectoration. Sensation of a rod through the chest that impairs breathing, followed by coughing up mucus. Tearing in the false ribs. Very painful stitches on the right side of the chest.
17 Points precordial row of stitches on the right side of the lumbar region while sitting.
18 Painful stiffness of the muscles of the back and neck, worse on movement.
19 Pains as strokes, arms and fingers. Stitches in the right tibia.
20 Drowsy after eating. Suenos tiring.
21 Granites with smarting and itching, better from scratching, but the itch comes back.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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