Vinca minor. Homeopathy

(Maiden Grass or Lesser Periwinkle)
1 Sadness afraid to die, crying. Irritable and fighter, but quickly regrets.
2 Worse stooping, walking, reading, drinking, mental strain.
Better: moving outdoors.
3 - () Weakness as if about to die; prostrated, with a tendency to stretch and you feel shaky, especially in all blood vessels, with a tendency to start.
4 - () Vertigo with flaps at the hearing. Stitches in the left temple extended the malar. Pain in the crown, as if a hammer hit him from the inside out. Corrosive itching of the scalp. Impetigo or eczema of the scalp, face and behind the ears, soft crusted and painful to touch, itching irresistible and sometimes with worms; exhudan a secretion clinginess fetida and corrosive than the hair, itching night irresistible and burning after scratching. Crust lactea. Plica polonica.
Bare plates, covered with short hair and woolly. Hair loss, which is replaced by gray hair.
5 Itching and burning in the eyelids, which turn red. Dry eyes.
Vision obscured or foggy when reading or walking.
6 Hey bells and whistles. with sensation of cold air, especially in the left ear.
7 - () The nose becomes red by the minor annoyance or the slightest reason.
Frequent epistaxis. Nasal obstruction, especially on one side by the rear-discharge Fucose. Very annoying dryness and heat in the nose, extending to the frontal sinuses. Nasal itching. Moist eruption in the septum, brown crusts, the nasal skin is dirty white, high, with red areola.
8 - () Impetigo facial eczema, rashes moist. Face bloated. Tearing in zygoma. Dry lips. Swelling of upper lip and corners of lips.
9 - () tearing Toothache relieved by warmth of bed.
Thrush 10. Sialorrhea. Bland taste of all foods.
11 Hawking constant. Sore throat or sore, with dysphagia.
Pricking sensation of something in the esophagus, causing swallowing. Diphtheria.
Hunger 12 alternating with anorexia. Little thirst. Chronic belching, after drinking beer or any liquid. Nausea for coffee. Violent vomiting, copious, bitter, greenish yellow. Feeling of emptiness or hunger.
13 Distension of abdomen after stool; tense and painless. Rumbling and gurgling, with discharge of fetid flatus. Colicos.
14 Urgency to defecate. Stool first hard, then soft. Stools with burning anal exhausting.
15 Oliguria. Pale yellow urine.
16 - () Metrorrhagia passive fibroids or menopausal years.
Menorrhagia with great weakness.
Hoarseness 17. Adherent mucus in the trachea. Laryngeal spasmodic cough with tickling. Tachypnea.
18 pains in the chest, with dyspnoea. Pressure on the sternum with empty feeling in the chest. Stitches in the sternum.
19 Stiffness and painful tension of the neck muscles, with sensation of something heavy on them.
20 Tendency to stretch the limbs. Tearing pains in the limbs,
in bone. Twitching and cramping in the arm tips of the fingers, feet and toes. Swelling and stiffness in the first joints of the fingers, with burning pain in some. Trembling in the lower extremities.
Wet and itchy spots on right ankle.
Frequent yawning 21. Insomnia with restlessness at night. Dreams.
22 sudden paroxysms of shivering. Fever with a hard pulse, with intense heat in the scalp, and cheeks with redness.
23 - () High sensitivity of the skin, with redness and pain even by the slightest rubbing or irritation. Corrosive itching which leads to scratching. Burning in ulceration of the buttocks, but on the left. Pruritic pustules, burning and fetid.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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