Vinca, Viscum album, Viola tricolor, Vipera berus, Zinc: Gluconicum, metalicum, Valerianicum. Homeopathy

Vinca minor (periwinkle)
Stomatitis. Glossitis. Eczema with crust formation.

Viscum album (mistletoe)
Sudden dizzy spells. Antisclerotic effect. Geriatric agent that acts on the parasympathetic system. Arteriosclerosis, dissolve atheromatous foci. Antineoplastic agents. To specially frontal headaches. Essential hypertension. Idiopathic pruritus. Tinnitus.

Viola tricolor (purple)
Lymphatism. Exudative diathesis. Scrofulous. Crust lactea. Impetiginized eczema. Cystitis.

Vipera berus (snake)
Thrombophlebitis. Gangrene. Feeling of heaviness in the legs. Paresis. Circulatory weakness. Language disorders.

Gluconicum Zinc (zinc gluconate)
Components of cells and fluids owners. Important for the normal course of numerous metabolic processes (fofatasas headlines, Insulin)

Metalicum Zinc (zinc)
States of irritation of the central and peripheral nervous system, for example, neuralgia, restless legs, seizures. Micturition disorder.

Valerianicum Zinc (Zinc valerate)
Nervous sleeplessness. Motor agitation. Restless legs. Driver's legs.

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