Viola odorata. Homeopathy

Viola odorata
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Viola odorata
1 - () Intellectually, there may be an increased activity and a predominance of intellectual over the emotional, with great insight and brain activity. There is an excessive influx of ideas, but often confused, can grasp only half an idea and place it in the right place, but not Aued hold. Weakness of memory, forgetfulness.
2 - () Aversion to music, especially violin.
3 - () Hysteria with costante crying without knowing why. Hysteria in tuberculosis.
Intense melancholy and sadness. Aversion to the conversation.
4 - () Insanity and confusion, with childish behavior, disobedience, refusal to eat, and talk quietly.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Viola odorata
5 - () Worst: tilting the head back or forward, by day, for the music, cold air.
6 - () muscle tension (which, surely, this acting out emotional stress) occurs in the forehead in the occiput (worse bending backward or forward head) requiring frown, forehead, neck muscles, ears; nose and upper face. Great nervous debility.
Muscle relaxation.
7 congestions in body parts. Waves of heat and burning.
8 Viola odorata disorders are mild, but well defined, and are not modified in any position.
9 Pains in the bones as if they had been beaten, the morning after waking up in bed, better after rising.
10 In mild-tempered people, nervous, dry skin and cold. In girls tall, thin and nervous. In sweet and impressionable girls.
SPECIFIC Viola odorata
11 - () Vertigo, everything revolves around him, even sitting. Heaviness headache with sensation of weakness in the muscles of the neck. Burning in the forehead.
Tension on the scalp that makes him frown. Pain over the eyebrows or through the front. Drawing in the left frontal eminence.
Rush of blood to the head. Warm Front.
12 cramping or heaviness in the eyelids, are his eyes are closed. Feel your eyes as tablets. Heat and burning eyes. Go light circles (with headache) or flares. Miosis. Myopia. Chronic choroiditis. Styes. Blurred vision, worse on damp days.
13 Disorders of the ear with pain in his eyes. Otalgia. Hey roars.
Stitches deep below the ear. Chronic otorrhea with deafness.
14 points from the nose sleeping like a blow, as if the blood pressed out.
Pain 15 facial twitching in the malar pressure. Tension in the skin of the face below the eyes, and nose and eyes, extending to the temples. Tearing in manclibula, left, which goes to hearing.
Toothache 16 lower teeth on the right.
17 total feeling of dryness in the hard palate. Cold sores.
18 Distension of the stomach.
19 - () Constipation, with desires, inefficient evacuation. Itching after noon daily. Helminthiasis; disorders intestinal parasites in children: nervousness, bad temper, crying, restless sleep, enuresis and dry cough.
20 Nocturnal enuresis worse by cold, in children nervous, grumpy,
thin and dry skin, but with wet hands, the urine is strong smelling and often milky.
Nocturnal pollutions 21 followed by headache.
22 - () Shortness of breath that occurs in pregnancy in a woman's nervous, and no respiratory or cardiac cause.
23 - () Hoarseness followed by coryza. Violent cough, dry, short, spasmodic, worse at night and cold air, on long hits, very dyspnea.
Pertussis in girls nervous and thin. Dyspnea with expiration painful, excessive anxiety and violent palpitations. Expectoration copious, gelatinous, sticky. Intense oppression in chest, like a stone.
24 tension in the muscles of the neck. Jerking drawing in the neck muscles.
25 - () Rheumatism of right side, worse on motion. Tearing pain in limbs. Pain in all joints, awakening in the morning as if broken. Tremors in the limbs. Pain in the deltoid.
Tearing pain in the elbow and back of the hand. Pressing pains in bones and joints of the right wrist (and, sometimes, the metacarpals), with irradiation to the arm or concomitant with right shoulder pain with aggravation from cold air and morning on rising, and with improvement after rising. Edema in the legs, with stitching.
Yawning 26 every morning, with tearing and stretching, without sleep. When sleeping, lying on his back with his left hand on the head and knees bent.
27 Tendency to the chills. Shivering fever. Night sweats.
28 Hot dry skin without sweating; except in the palms.
Measles irregular course. Transient burning in several places, in chips.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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