Viola tricolor. Homeopathy

(The Thought)
1 Sadness for domestic problems. Tendency to shed tears. Aversion to work.
2 moodiness, irritability, with aversion to the conversation. Aggressive tendency to quarrel, grumble, fight. Disobedient.
3 precipitation, rush, with internal anguish and feeling of great weakness.
4 Great intellectual bewilderment.
5 - () Worse, the pressure in the non-painful side, or lying on, at 11 hours, at night, in winter to cold air walking, sitting. Aversion to open air. Best: after rising from a chair.
6 - () Vertigo when walking. Pressing headache in the forehead and temples, the better the * ire free. The brain is shaken when walking. Burning stitches in the scalp. Impetiginized impetigo or eczema of the scalp, itching worse at night burning with thick crust and yellow, with abundant secretion, yellow, or purulent, thick, irritating or excoriating with agglutination of the hair, worse in winter. Cradle cap in babies, after weaning. Serpiginous scaly or crusted with hard lymphadenopathy in the neck with intolerable burning at night. Tina involuntary urination.
7 Pain in the eyes, as if a hard body was between the upper eyelid and the eye. Burning, pain and itching of the eye. Contraction and closure of the eyelids. Myopia.
8 - () Heat in the face at night in bed, on the cheek that is not lying. Heat and sweat on his face after eating or sucked. Facial skin thick and hard. Impetigo and eczema of the face, with burning itching (worse at night), with scales and yellowish crusts, with purulent discharge,
yellowish, thick and excoriating. Pustules on the face, especially on the chin and lips. Acne frontal acne rosacea. BTE eruptions. Tension in the skin of face and forehead.
9 Languages with fur white and bitter taste. Drooling with sensation of dryness in the mouth.
10 Sore throat at night. Accumulation of phlegm in the throat.
Syphilitic chancre on the back of the pharynx and soft palate, with very painful dysphagia. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
11 points and sharp pains in his belly, his desire to defecate, cries and lamentations, followed by evacuation of mucus and flatus pieces. Punctures in the diaphragm.
Soft stools and 12 as crushed.
13 - () Pollakiuria with polyuria. Urine fetid odor of cat urine, turbid. Stitches in the urethra.
14 - () Nocturnal pollutions with very vivid erotic dreams. Seminal Losses during bowel movements or urination, tremors, anorexia and insomnia.
Swelling of the prepuce, with itching. Voluptuous itching in the foreskin standing with intense erection. Stitches in penis pressure in the glans, or burning. Itching stitches in the scrotum. Gonorrhea suppressed, with indurated testicle.
Pinching in 15 mons, right side. Painful pustules on the labia majora. Flow in girls. Syphilis. Chancroid ulcers in the breasts.
16 points from the left side of the chest, worse with breathing movements. Syphilitic ulcers on the clavicle. Stitches in the ribs, intercostal muscles and sternum.
17 lancinating precordial oppression and pain when bending forward while sitting. Precordial anxiety with palpitations, lying down, with beats like waves.
18 adenopathies in the neck. Pain between the shoulder blades, spasmodic, pinching, prickling and tingling in the skin.
19 - () subacute articular rheumatism, with pruritic eruption around * as affected joints. Lancinanes pains in shoulders, elbows, forearms and fingers, better by motion. Painful pustules or pruritus stitches under the arms. Pain in the thighs as if they were broken, waking in the morning. Bend your knees when walking, with twitching in the thighs and calves. Stitches in the right tibia when walking. Rash with pustules on the feet.
Sleepiness after 20 noon. He wakes up frequently. Delay in sleep by a rush of thoughts, difficulty waking in the morning. Shocks in the hands of the child during sleep, with retraction of the thumbs, red face and widespread dry heat.
Chills of morning and 21 outdoors. Heat with anxiety at night in bed, with red face. Night sweats.
22 - () with punctures Rash and itching. Dry scabs all over his body that, when scratched, they exude a yellow water. Fiery eruptions, itching, worse at night, with dry yellow crusts, with a yellow discharge, worse after scratching, dry, eczema, impetigo, herpes crusty, corrosive phagadenic; puncture suppurating. Effects of the suppression of eruptions.