Vipera. Homeopathy

(V. Torva (Germany's Black Cobra) and V. Redi (ASPS))
Mental symptoms of VIPERA
1 Delirium and rage, with vomiting, alternating with lethargy. Coma, with features pulled.
2 - () varicose veins or dilated and inflamed (phlebitis acute) with intolerable pains that worsen the affected limb hanging down, to burst or rupture feeling that compels him to have the limb (or leg) high, can not tolerate contact or pressure, with skin marbled with livid spots or Ecchymotic; leg cramps.
3 - () Worse from touch; by pressure, by changes in time, from cold, hanging down the limb or affected area. Newspapers disorders each year.
4 - () Edema persistent and unresponsive, prone to ulceration or gangrene: face, lips, tongue, limbs, etc..
5 - () People aged prematurely, or children with developmental arrest. Prostration. Collapse. Fainting.
6 - () ascending paralysis or paresis (such as Landry's acute) with transient hyperreflexia. Paraplegia of lower limbs.
Poliomyelitis (Heine Medin disease). Polyneuritis.
7 Trends in blood bleeds black and settlement, no clots.
8 Vertigo with tendency to fall forward, with epistaxis and anxiety, with nausea and vomiting, with loss of vision. Puncture headache by weather changes. Cerebral hemorrhage; meningeal, intraventricular.
9 eyes dark yellow, red, swollen, sunken. Stare.
Mydriasis, or the left pupil dilated and contracted right. Eyelid Muperiores lapsed, paralyzed. Blurred vision or loss. Sensation of pressure in the eye outward.
10 Epistaxis with vertigo.
11 - () Face swollen, tense and blackish (with closed throat), seizures, red, pale and Hippocrates, with cold sweat on their foreheads, face covered with sweat. Cyanotic lips, swollen, hot. Lockjaw.
12 - () sensation of swelling in the teeth. Salivary gland swelling, of the mouth, dryness and swallowing impossible. Language: swollen, blackish brown and outgoing, black, yellow, tipped with red, white, trembling, with sordes and fetid breath, with difficulty speaking or can not or do not articulate well.
13 Swelling goiter. Closed throat, swollen, blackish; can only swallow liquids. Viscous mucus in the throat.
14 Thirst for cold drinks; anorexia. Nausea with shivering or fainting.
Arcades with suffocation. Vomiting of milk, food, green; of parasites. Epigastric pain worse by pressure, epigastric discomfort.
Digestion slow.
15 - () hypochondria tight and sore. Acute hepatitis, infectious or toxic, congested liver, large, painful and very sensitive to touch, subictericia, weakness and hemolytic disorders and hemorrhagic fever, thirst and hepatic radiation of pain to the shoulder and right arm. Flatulent distention with cramps and sudden rumbling. Umbilical pain, worse pressure.
16 Diarrhea with bilious stools, black, bloody, clotted masses or dark or black and fetid, abundant, with chills, tenesmus and thirst, involuntary, involuntary reactions.
17 Wish inefficient urination. Dysuria. Involuntary urination. Dark yellow urine, increased; suppressed. Hematuria.
Dyspnea 18. Anxious respiration, suffocation, choking imminent. The veins of the thorax and abdomen are thick and hard. Dropsy in the chest, lung. Chest pain worse by pressure.
19 Points precordial with cold sweats and fainting. Action slow heart rate, weak, no palpable radial or carotid pulse, but if, and strong, the itch.
20 points in the kidney region. Back pain.
21 - () Members swollen, red and sore, with brindle markings, yellow, ghastly. Earthquakes. Pain in the limbs, worse when touched, alternating with stomach pains. Members asleep, relaxed, with a burning sensation. Phlebitis of the right arm hanging down the worst member. Pain in shoulders and arms. Paralysis of the right arm that comes back for years (after a bite on the foot). Swollen hand, with bursting pain, worse when touched, and stiffness. Hands-violet with blebs. Stitches in the fingertips. The skin of the hand peeling. Staggering gait by paralysis. Cotivulsivos movements, cramps, or weakness in lower limbs. Sensation of something moving up in the thigh. Anferiores paralysis in the limbs (see 6). Varicose veins and phlebitis (see 2). Tension in knees and ankles, knees rigid. Swollen leg, cold and insensitive. Paralysis of the foot. Tingling in the palms and soles.
Yawning 22. Drowsiness, and can not sleep, constantly having to change their position. Insomnia; by pain.
23 Chills, cold sweats and viscous, then fever. Hypothermia.
Fever in the morning, with thirst in the evening and at night, with delirium, then shudders. Irregular fever, intermittent.
24 - () Dry, pale, yellowish icterica the face and torso, with red spots on the limbs, livid, in plates, marbled brown spots.
Ecchymosis. Petechiae skin black with cold to the touch. Herpes. Morbilliform eruption. Ulcers. Blisters. Gangrene.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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