Vipera Redi. Zinc Valerianicum. Homeopathy

VIPERA REDI (venom of Vipera aspis)
The venom of the snake, like all snake venoms, acts on the nervous system, blood and blood vessels. This in particular is the specific remedy of periphlebitis.

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Vipera Redi
1 .- painful varices with feeling of heaviness in the legs, clearly exacerbated hanging down the lower limbs, and improve if they get up.

2 .- localized superficial thrombophlebitis in the legs with feeling like veins that burst, leaving them worse plummet.

3 .- inflammatory reaction in the treatment of varicose sclerosing medium or after venous trauma.

Vipera Redi: severe dropping vertically lower limbs.

Vipera Redi: Amelioration hold up the legs.

ZINCUM Valerianicum
1 .- psychosomatic disorders. Insomnia, anxiety. Very useful when the hyperexcitability of the nervous system affects the metabolism.

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