Viscum album (Mistletoe). Homeopathy

(Mistletoe Gui)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Viscum album
1 Stupor with total insensitivity, not moving, eyes closed, is awakened by a noise or if you ask a question, answering, but quickly falls into his stupor.
2 Speak on incoherently, having hallucinations, he becomes violent. Feel like doing something terrible when he has tremors. It keeps you awake at night thinking about the most horrible things imaginable. Depressed, wants to be alone, not wanting to work.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Viscum album
3 - () Worse in Winter, by cold, by the stormy weather, in bed while lying on the left side by the movement. Better: by pressure; to fresh air.
4 - () You feel an intense heat rising from feet to head, as if they were burning, his face pale, as if it were an epileptic aura.
Epilepsy, petit mal. Korea from fright. Fainting premenstrual. Muscle twitching and tremors. Trembling all over, as if muscle contractions. Terribly tired at night for no reason.
Paralysis of all muscles (except the eyes), can not speak or swallow. You can not keep quiet any part of the body at night, with shaking.
5 - () high blood pressure with albuminuria. Hypotension, with apathy, Frilair, dizziness, slow and weak pulse.
SPECIAL Viscum album
6 - () Dizziness; persistent seizures after. Intense throbbing headache. Head asleep. Sensation of tight brain. Pain in the left occipital, supraorbital pain left and right thigh.
Heavy headache with buzzing and deafness after taking cold. Feeling as if you lifted the dome.
7 sets injected. Miosis with areflexia to light staring mydriasis. Heavy eyelids with difficulty in opening eyes. Neuralgic pain in the bottom of the right orbit. Diplopia.
8 deafness or hearing loss in left ear; from cold. Pain in right ear, then left. Hear the sound of wind in the trees, or humming, or singing in the right ear, crackling in the left. Sensation of plugged ear.
9 Dry back of the nose, spread to the larynx.
Face hot and snatched 10. Pale lips. Facial muscles in constant motion. Itching on the neck.
11 chattering teeth. The mouth was suddenly filled with saliva. Ugly taste on waking, with fur yellow. Language dqlorida.
12 Ravenous hunger. Sick stomach before breakfast and dinner.
13 sensation of drawing down from the waist, the top appears to float in the air. Heat and pain in the left groin. Hypogastric pain as if the menses come.
Chronic constipation 14. Copious diarrhea with cadaverous smelling flatus.
Punctures and stitches on the left side of the rectum, which come and go. Pruritus ani.
Pollakiuria 15. Urine pale, milky or cloudy after being stationed with pink sediment.
16 Nocturnal pollutions with erotic dreams. Pain in right testicle and esperimatico cordon, which is pulled up to the inguinal ring.
17 - () Pains in the ovaries, but in left, worst morning in bed, moving and lying on the left side. Retained placenta.
Chronic endometritis. Disorders of menopause. Metrorrhagia partly bright red, partly clotted and dark. Sacral pain that extends to the pelvis, where there are painful blows from below.
18 - () Spasm of glottis with efforts to swallow, and tearing. Slowed breathing and rattling. Pertussis. Dyspnea with feeling of suffocation when lying on left side. Asthma when simultaileamente gout and rheumatism. Spasmodic cough. Pain through the sternum, below the sinuses, worse with deep breathing or lying on the left side. Points above or below the left breast. Chills in the outer bottom and left thorax.
19 - () Cardiac hypertrophy with valvular insufficiencies. Weight and chest tightness, as if a hand was squeezing his heart. Tingling sensation in the heart. Desconzpensacion heart, can not be lying, dyspnea worse lying on left side. Palpitations during intercourse.
Extrasystole, worse when he goes to sleep. Pulse fast and very irregular, or slow and full. Hypotension.
20 Pain in the sides of the neck, worse turning the head. Pain in back between shoulders. Pain from sacrum to pubis, worse in bed. Burning pain in the sacrum. Stiffness and low back pain, worse on movement.
Chills in the lumbar region.
21 - () Severe pain in his right shoulder while sitting, worse when lifting the arm. Crawling or tingling in the back of hands, first left, then right, on the back foot. Sciatica. Entenso pain in his right foot, with the feeling that the shoe too tight.
Sharp pain in right buttock. Pain in the popliteal and tibial rights, better moving it. Burning in the calf, changing his position better. Pain in the leg; must move. Pain in the right posterior thigh.
Sharp pain in left tibia. Intense pain in ball of left big toe. Pains in knees and ankles that alternate with pains in the shoulders and elbows. Tearing in the thighs.
22 Somnolence. Sounds with worries about the day.
23 crumpled, even near a stove, chills coming up frequently.
Skin hot and very humid. Always very hot on waking, except in the knees, legs and feet that are very cold. General heat at night when urinating.
24 Dry or wet and hot. Red spots on the neck and thorax.
Urticaria. Itching all over the body.