Vitamin B1-Thiamin. Side effects?

B group vitamins are rapidly excreted in urine, by virtue of their hydrophilic nature and low molecular weight. Therefore, high levels in tissues are rare, and this group is characterized by its low incidence of adverse reactions.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) by parenteral route
The only reaction found in humans is hypersensitivity. In the vast majority of cases these have been presented after an injection of thiamine and a dose of skin test before applying treatment parenteral administration of thiamine or vitamin B1 in patients with a history of allergic reactions.

In the case of parenteral administration, the dose that produced these reactions varies from 5 to 100 mg. although most of the reactions were in the highest band of this variant.

Since the RDA is 1.4 mg. this means that the margin of safety remains high.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) by mouth
Have also been rare cases of hypersensitivity reactions after transient high oral dose, usually in the range of 5-10 g (but with one reported case of 17 mg.).

Therefore, for oral administration, the safety factor is at least 100 times the RDA.

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