Vitamin K: You have side effects high doses?

Investigations of the side effects that can produce vitamin K in high doses. Range safety of Vitamin K

About half of the vitamin K in human nutrition is in place in their own body by intestinal bacteria, while the other half comes from the diet, mainly vegetables. There are two forms of vitamin K that occur in nature: the vitamin K1 in green plants and vitamin K2, which occurs in the intestines.

Vitamin K is essential for the synthesis of prothrombin and other factors in the process of blood clotting and, since this vitamin can be synthesized in the intestinal tract, deficiency is not common, except when a poor absorption, as occurs in obstructive jaundice or in the newborn, before the establishment of the intestinal flora. Thus, patients with jaundice are treated with vitamin K before the surgeries and receive newborns immediately after birth to prevent bleeding.

Similarly, milk formula baby food usually contain vitamin K deficiency to prevent the child's own intestinal flora has the capacity to produce vitamin K2.

Vitamin K1 is generally well tolerated.

 Side effects of vitamin K?
Side effects such as heat sensation in the head, dyspnea and chest pain, which have been reported occasionally, after a rapid intravenous injection contraindicated, but are probably due to the emulsifiers contained in the intravenous solution.

Therefore, it is preferable to the oral or intramuscular administration and very slow intravenous injection should be restricted to emergencies. The available evidence is inadequate as a basis for establishing a solid level of security. It is suggested that, by the oral route, the security index is up 50.

High doses of menadione (vitamin K3) and its soluble derivatives have appeared implicated in the genesis of hemolytic anemia in hyperbilirubinemia and kernicterus (staining biliary gray nuclei of the brain) in newborns with immaturity of the liver function and hemolysis of erythrocytes in patients with impaired glucose dehydrogenase-6-phosphate, in these cases, vitamin K1 can be given with absolute certainty.

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