Vitamin A, retinol or axeroftol

Functions and Properties of Vitamin A, retinol or axeroftol.
Its major sources are animal, but their precursors, the carotenes are the plant kingdom and are transformed into vitamin A during intestinal absorption.

* Its main role is to facilitate the hearing, skin (irritated mucous, sores, scarring) and growth along with vitamin D.
* Intervenes in the metabolism of carbohydrates, encouraging their transformation into fat.
* In addition facilitates gland function and semen of man in the ovaries of the young.

Main sources of Vitamin A
Their main sources: It is among the main fish oils, butter and egg yolk. As carotene: all strongly colored plants: dandelions, carrots, etc..

As a vitamin that is stored in our fat tissue is no danger of poisoning.

More in vitamins A and D. Risks and dangers

Values of the RDA for men 23 to 50 years of age and their relationship "High Security" / RDA

Vitamin             RDA                 Security Level
Vitamin A     1000 ug RE2        around 10 *

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