Vitis vinifera. Homeopathy

(The vine. "Vine" by Bach)
The people of "Vine" is efficient, ambitious, strong-willed, quick thinking and, therefore, can be very useful in emergency situations to give the appropriate orders and lead others successfully. His tendency, however, is to use his great gifts to gain power and dominate others, ask and expect obedience without limits. They love power, covet the authority, and are ruthless in their methods to achieve their aims. Feel they know everything better than others, and seek at all costs to impose their views.
They can be tyrants and dictators, such as parents who dominate their home with iron discipline. They enjoy their power over others because they are hard, cruel without compassion for those around them. When you are sick, they are willing to give instructions to the doctor and their caregivers, who keeps busy fulfilling their orders. Rarely discussed, because they're always sure to be right. If they can not influence someone to lose interest in quickly and ignore it. Its rigid inflexible attitude and willingness, along with its inherent cruelty, often shows itself in a great tension, which leads them to present problems painful joint or muscle stiffness, hypertension and hardening of artery walls.

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Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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