Vomiting, vomiting of pregnancy, Voice. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Treatments and Remedies for vomiting, vomiting of pregnancy, Vocal

Violent expulsion from the mouth of the contents of the stomach.

Medicine for the vomiting with Medicinal Plants: Angelica, Artemisia, Juniper, Fennel (vomiting periodic review of children), Mint, Anise Manzanilla crushed and Yarrow (if bloody), Rosemary, Violet.

Morning: homotoxicology: Anacardium-Homaccord (ga)
Thalassotherapy: Quinton isotonic.

Vomiting of pregnancy

Medicine for the vomiting with Medicinal Plants: Chew Lemon, Almonds and Mint.

Medicine for the vomiting with Homeopathy:
Nux Vomica 5ch. Sepia 5CH (nausea before breakfast, sight and smell of food. Desire for acids.


Medicine for the voice with Medicinal Plants: Garlic (see throat). Lavender water gargles, and salt twice daily on an empty stomach and at bedtime.
Warm compresses to the neck for 15 minutes with water of chamomile and thyme. Finish with cold compress to the same water.
Hoarseness: Pulmonaria.

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