Warts. Treatments and remedies. Natural Medicine

Skin tag, single or multiple, variable size and shape formed by the hypertrophy of the papillae.

Causes of warts
The common wart or vulgar, which appears very often in the hands in childhood and adolescence, is caused by a filterable virus and often disappear spontaneously. Contact with people or between family members can promote the spread of warts.

Genital warts can be spread to another person for sex.

Classification of warts

Among the many varieties of warts highlight the following:
* warts acuminata: Condyloma or venereal wart. This wart is characterized by multiple sharp elevation, red, on the genitals or anus. It is generally wet. It is also called cauliflower.
* Seborrheic or senile wart: Variety of verruca plana (seborrheic), reliefs round about the size of a lentil, horny fat coated substance and coloration ranging from light gray, yellowish gray to dark brown. Warts usually appear on the back or chest (rarely on the face) in people over 50 years. Some authors consider late as nevi and may serve as introduction to cancer (epithelioma) of the skin.
* Plantar wart: benign papillomas, viral, appearing on the maximum pressure of the foot.
* Plane juvenile warts: small eminences, smooth, in the face, neck and back of hands on the young.
* Digitate wart: wart flat with finger-like growths that arise from the same wart.
* Verruca fleeting Verruca nonpersistent that forms in the hands of young people.
* Verruca tuberculosis: Variety of cutaneous tuberculosis characterized by the presence of papillary eminences plates and the back of the hands surrounded by an erythematous area.

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies for Warts
Recommended Food for warts
Because infection may be a major cause gives the appearance of warts, we recommend a diet as healthy as possible to prevent our body is a breeding ground for viruses. Furthermore, the diet should enhance our immune system, so raw foods, living and organic farming would be suitable.

These highlight the sulfur foods such as onions, garlic, kale and cabbage.

Remedies for warts with Medicinal Plants
Celandine, Garlic, Calendula, Immortelle, Higuera.

Natural Medicine with nutritional supplements for warts

It seeks to enhance the immune system, for it is recommended: vitamin C, A, selenium and zinc.

Other remedies for warts
* Spreads vaseline alrededorde the wart nitric acid or silver nitrate.
* Green Papaya also placing the thick part on the wart.
* Fig milk or lemon with salt.
* Clay Quinton plasma.
* Chopped garlic on the wart.

Medicine for the warts homotoxicology - homeopathy.
Psorinoheel (g), Abropernol (c), Galium-Heel (g)

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