Water. Comparison of Mineral Waters

Water in our bodies, apart from entering the constitution of the cell protoplasm, has another important function: it allows the dissolution of ionic salts.

The salts and products of metabolism are active only in solutions, and elimination through urine or sweat metabolic wastes are made in aqueous solutions. The water makes possible all those changes and intracellular biochemical reactions and intratisulares without which life would be impossible.

It is estimated that an adult eat each day more than 2 liters of water, partly with drink and party with food (fruits and vegetables, which comprise 80-90% water).

The water-related diseases are of two groups:

* Because they are caused by water retention in the body producing the edema. Among these are: nephritis, nephrosis, decompensated heart disease, liver disease, etc..
* Because they are caused by dehydration, vomiting, profuse bleeding, intense and prolonged diarrhea, etc..

A reduction of between 25-30% of water content in our mortal body may be committed many vital functions linked to water. But excessive consumption of water can also endanger life, as has been shown in experimental animals, which after a huge intake of water were killed by convulsions.

The mineral waters
You can define the natural mineral water bacteriologically sound that has its origin in a layer or natural underground reservoir and a spring outbreak in one or more delivery points of natural or drilled.

Characteristics of mineral waters

* 1 - contain minerals, trace elements and other components, and sometimes for certain purposes.
* 2 - Your original purity, which is maintained by the underground sources of water through the aquifer protection against all risks of contamination.
* 3 - Comply with the requirements and the characteristics set out in Article 17 of Royal Decree 1074/2002 of 18 October (Amended by Royal Decree 1744/2003 of 19 December-Spain-).

In the mineral water as a rule are allowed only two performances to improve their quality without substantial variation in initial composition:

* Remove unstable natural elements such as iron and sulfur, to avoid color, smell and taste undesirable.
* Modify the contents in carbon dioxide, to achieve the sparkling water.

Classification of mineral waters
For its overall mineral content.
* Waters of weak mineralization (dry residue which can be up to 50 mg / l)
* Waters of strong mineralization (dry residue which is higher than 1.500 mg / l.)

Also according to content can distinguish different types of water:
* Salted
* Sulphurous
* Arsenicals ferruginous
* Bicarbonate
* Sulfated

Comparison of mineral water in Spain
In this country, according to analytical results and quality perception and preference for consumption by the population, the four major mineral water by order of acceptance are:
* Natural Mineral Water Fontvella
* Natural Mineral Water Bezoya
* Natural Mineral Water Solan de Cabras
* Natural Minera Water Lanjarón

Natural Mineral Water Fontvella
Poll: best value for the consumer panel and analytical values

Components: Values analytical features. Somewhat higher in sodium and chloride.

Perception: clear, transparent and glassy, with a fresh and light taste and aftertaste without additional flavors, flawless.

Score: In the consumer test achieves the highest score 4.46 (out of 5) with the best intention to purchase, 90%.

Natural Mineral Water Bezoya

Poll: The second highest rated show in laboratory values and consumer test

Components: Values analytical features. The lower in sodium, chlorides and sulphates.

Perception: The second highest rating on flavor and aftertaste.

Score: In the consumer test gets an intermediate score of 3.71 (of 5) with a purchase intent was 83%.

Natural Mineral Water Solan de Cabras

Poll: The third most highly rated in the consumer test

Components: Values analytical features. The highest bicarbonate. The lower in nitrates.

Perception: The best aspect worth

Score: In the consumer test gets an intermediate score of 3.61 (of 5) with a purchase intent was 83%.

Natural Mineral Water Lanjarón

Poll: The worst rated in the consumer test.

Components: Values analytical features. The highest nitrate and sulphate.

Perception: Worst valuation characteristics.

Score: In the consumer test gets a score 3.14 (out of 5) with a purchase intent was 83%.

Therapeutic benefits of mineral waters

In anemia and in depressions are indicated organic arsenical ferruginous waters by the restorative action of iron and arsenic.
* In the liver and bile duct are indicated in the sulfurous waters and sulphate-sodium chloride.
* The kidney stones are indicated lithium-rich mineral waters and low mineralization.
* In metabolic diseases improve with alkaline water, purges, thermal and hypothermic.
* In chronic arthritis, gouty nature when it improves with the thermal waters and mud.
* On skin diseases (dermatitis) are helpful in the sulphurous waters, arsenic, iron, alkaline springs, etc..

These indications are very generic and summary and we have indicated only to show the value so important that I have water in our body. It must always be the health professional who prescribes a cure with mineral water, adapting each particular case most suitable mineral water.

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