We eat raw at least 60% of our food

In our consideration of the laws of healing foods Bernard Jensen going to explain the second law which states:

2. We eat raw at least 60% of our food.

Reason: Not because they taste better but because they are more beneficial. Crude provide us with more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, bolus intestinal food because they are "alive" found at the top of the nutritional value, if properly selected.
Raw Food

In our review of the laws of healing foods will note that the 12 different laws are mixed together, it is sometimes difficult to separate. In fact, this second law reminds us first, because if a food is raw mean that food is a natural and complete as the First Law (fruits, vegetables, seeds, trees, vegetables, etc.).. Of course, Dr. Jensen is talking about eating no meat or fish. For most of us is something disgusting because we are not physiologically designed to eat raw meat like we were a wild animal (lion). Also reminds us that if we eat raw foods, we should stay away, as we said in explaining the first law in the kitchen as possible.

At least 60% raw food
In this second law, Dr. Jensen reminds us that if we cure a disease with the help of nutrition therapy must eat at least 60% raw foods. When you say 60% which simply means is that more than half of what we eat daily is crude. And when we say "at least" what we want to convey is that to stay healthy or regain lost health raw foods take the more better. Can you reach 80%? Better for you.

We ask the question "up to 80%" because in our daily practice we have seen that not all people have that ability to adapt to a very high percentage. However, know people who are not only raw food vegetarian, but fruit eaters and are extremely healthy.

This raises a question: man "omnivore or vegetarian?
Most anthropologists, biologists and naturalists recognize that humans are frugivorous. The morphology, anatomy and physiology of man when compared with other mammals is more related to primates (orangutan) that are also frugivorous. This comparison is not only for their morphology, but by the anatomy and physiology of the digestive organs.

D. Luis Vallejo Rodríguez, secretary of the Association and the Association Canaria Be Happy - Live life, in an article published on nutrition addressed this issue and made a collection on the point of view of the most famous naturalists. These included comments by John Ray, Carl Linnaeus, George Louis Leclerc, Alexander von Humboldt, Charles Darwin, Thomas Henry Huxley, and so on. All these naturalists (not naturists) agree that human food must be frugivorous or vegetarian. To quote one of these naturalists, Thomas Henry Huxley said: "The length of the digestive tract of man is 5 to 8.5 meters and the distance between the mouth and tail bone is 50 to 80 cm., Giving a ratio ten, like other frugivorous and not 3, as in carnivores, or 20 as in the herbivory ".-" The only animal probably omnivorous morphology that exists is the bear which has sharp molars and other planes.

Is that enough raw vegetable protein?
Some nutritionists have criticized official use only vegetable protein albumin or by the lacto-ovo-vegetarians and vegetarians. They say the animal albumin have all essential amino acids and, therefore, are essential for humans, while the plants are lacking in some of these (lysine, tryptophan, etc.)..

Scientific studies, conducted with different animals and people, have revealed the following:
* 1) Each species has its specific protein albumin or by which it can synthesize its amino acids.
* 2) That requirements for albumin, for growth and for repair, are meager.
* 3) That the body may be set more albumin in certain specified cases or circumstances (fetal growth or training).
* 4) Satisfied the "share of attrition", the body destroys the entire surplus of albumin to provide it.

Benefits of raw food
Head to the law of Bernard Jensen. The reason he gives is: "not because they taste better but because they are more beneficial. Crude provide us with more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, bolus intestinal food because they are "alive" found at the top of the nutritional value, if properly selected. "

It reminds us this law:

* Only live foods, raw, newly caught bear the greatest ability to regenerate our own energy molecules to vital, indispensable for healing.
* Only live foods, raw, freshly caught will give us the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in its best possible (natural, not synthetic vitamins) to be assimilated or absorbed by our bodies so that they are exploited at 100% .
* Only live foods, raw not lose up to 85% in some cases of vitamins and minerals have been cooked at high temperatures.
* Only live foods, raw rid us of internal fever (increased heart rate, body heat, tension organic) produce excess cooked food.
* Only live foods, raw, we cleaned our systems and organ systems, keeping it free of toxins that poison our bodies.
* Only live foods, raw fiber will give us, to prevent intestinal bolus endless diseases (colon cancer, heart disease, constipation, obesity, etc.).

Numerous investigations have been conducted with animals that show what we have just mentioned. As shown I invite you to read the article http://www.cura-tu-cancer.net/alimentos-crudos.html

An example of raw foods: sprouts or sprouts
Shoots or sprouts are the most complete and nutritious foods available to us. The chemical changes that occur when a seed germinates let us wonder. The benefits of these foods mentioned:

* Concentration of enzymes, which help to better assimilation and digestion.
* Extra protein content broken down into easily digestible amino acids.
* Good amount of chlorophyll (if we leave a day in the sun after being germinated) and hormones.
* Low in calories, as carbohydrates and fats have been used during the outbreak of the seed.
* Source plenty of vitamins A, B, C and E. In the vitamin E content of wheat increased by 300% and some of the B vitamins from 20 to 600%.
* We get rid of mucus then the starch sugar has become natural.

So cheer up! We invite you to the next time you sit at the table you an abundant salad consists of (depending on the season): endive, radish, avocado, apple, carrot, olives, tomato, raw artichoke hearts, watercress, sprouts alfalfa, etc.. Ajito Aderécela a very chopped olive oil cold pressed, cumin and a pinch of salt from the Himalayas. And if you want your food to be 100% raw nuts and add 5 will have all the protein you need. Bon appetit!

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