What is Health and Disease. Definitions

In the Nature Medicine article - Education for Health published in the web saw the responsibility as individuals we must assume in relation to our own health.

That said, let's define health and disease from the standpoint of clinical medicine or Allopathic, and, moreover, since the focus of Natural Medicine Alternative Biological or call but with peculiarities that distinguish them as natural or medical discipline concerned.

Health and disease according to WHO
Health is defined by the 1946 Constitution of the World Health Organization as "a state of complete physical, mental and social, not merely the absence of disease and / or diseases .. Can also be defined as the level of functional effectiveness and / or metabolism of an organism at both the micro (cellular) and macro (social) "(1).

In 1992 a researcher added to the WHO definition: "and in harmony with the environment", thus expanding the concept.

The disease is a process and the consequent status of a living condition characterized by an alteration of its ontological status of health. The state and / or disease process can be caused by many factors, both intrinsic and extrinsic sick body: these factors are called insults (Greek nosos 'disease', 'health condition'). (1)

Disease according to allopathic medicine

Notice now the definition of disease that causes the Teide Medical Dictionary 5th revised edition. Reprint 1978): "the set of alterations (changes) morfologicoestructurales, or just functional, produced in an organism by morbígena cause external or internal, against which the body is capable of opposing offense, at least, a minimum of defense or reaction. "

Now the dictionary definition of disease Terminology Medical Sciences (Masson, 13th edition. Reprint 1999): "Loss of health. Alteration or deviation from the physiological state in one or more parts of the body, generally known etiology, manifested by characteristic symptoms and signs and whose development is more or less predictable. "

Disease under Homeopathy
The disease is seen as acute exacerbation of a deep state of internal disharmony. In other words, is the only way that the body is reacting to a change in their life energy.

The disease, an altered balance
For Hahnemann, the disease results from the breakdown of a balance and it is also immaterial,
likely to be measured not only through the observation of all symptoms, and especially those that are essentially personal sick. These symptoms represent more or less successful efforts of the body to regain its previous equilibrium state or, if you can not completely recover to reach a new equilibrium. They are distress signals that have a very personal reason for being and it is necessary that as a whole to achieve healing.

Health as natural or alternative medicine
From the standpoint of Biological Natural Medicine, Health is "a state of normal function of living organisms in any of its manifestations. Only health can occur by itself vital energy that each individual possesses. By contrast, the disease is the manifestation of the functional derangement of the body, which occurs because of the efforts made by the body to return to a normal functional state. So the different symptoms that occur in individuals is due to circumstances such as heredity, sex, age, occupation, climate, unnatural lifestyle, etc. ".

Health according to the hygiene
From the standpoint of hygiene, discipline of Natural Medicine, "Health and disease are linked to state agency toxemic. Health exists when the level of toxemia is below a certain threshold of tolerance. By contrast, the disease occurs when the level reaches toxemic is too high. In fact, symptoms represent only the efforts to try to detoxify the body "(2).

Health according to Homotoxicology (homeopathy 2nd generation)
According to Homotoxicology, the disease is defined as an "expression of biologically-oriented defense mechanisms against exogenous and endogenous homotoxins (phases of excretion, reaction and deposition), or represent the agency's effort to compensate for damages suffered hemotoxic ( stages of impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm), in order to preserve life as long as possible. " Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. (3).

Health according to Ecology
Finally, health depends not only on the isolated individual but of the status of social-ecological balance of the whole community as ecology.

So health or disease is equal to + individual genetic potential and adaptive capacity of individual variation and population to its environment + aggression and other environmental hazards.

So with individual health must consider the health of the population of the community.

Conclusions on the definition of health
Comparing these definitions note that strikes us as in the definition of disease in natural biological medicine looking for the cause of the disease, or means that toxins are the cause (quite simply) both internal and external to the individual accumulates, or imbalance of vital energy as homeopathy. Besides the disease is an effort by the agency to return to normal, for detoxification. By these definitions wise you should report that diseases are not intrinsically bad, but rather, are coping mechanisms that the body has to regain that state of normal function was lost.

But have noticed the definition that make the two dictionaries of Clinical Medicine.

In the oldest of the Teide dictionary suggests it is very subtle that the disease is associated with a low capacity to respond to the assault. Yet, curiously, with the passage of time in the modern dictionary definition of the terminology of medical science in any way the disease is recognized as a positive response to a bad body. Rather, the cause of the disease is known, is known as going to develop symptoms and only have lacked meaning that they know how to combat these symptoms.

Here's the key difference between these two concepts of disease.
For biological natural or alternative medicine, such as reluctance to call, the disease is not more than the effort made by the body to return to normal. While for clinical medicine, allopathic, disease is bad and must be combated and eliminated.

Understanding this is key, and choosing one or another conception of disease is also very important because we are not talking about choosing what style of suit I'm going to buy, we are talking about our life and that of ours, we're talking HEALTH or disease, or we may be talking about life or death.

Other items in this section with some very illustrative schemes try to teach how it causes disease and how to fight from two different viewpoints, and the consequences of different treatments. All will be from the standpoint of Biological Natural Medicine.

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