Wiesbaden. Homeopathy

(Source mining Wiesbaden (Prussia), with predominance of chlorides (mostly sodium) and calcium salts)
1 Anxious, depressed, despondent, apprehensive. Moody, not to speak to anyone. Aversion to think.
2 Worse: during menstruation, for the cafe, lying. Better: for epistaxis, for hemorrhoidal flow. Great tendency to take cold.
3 - () tiredness, fatigue, exhaustion. Fainting. Great weakness during menses and after diarrhea.
4 The body smells like rotten eggs.
5 - () Vertigo, turns it over his head or go move the objects traveling in a car or lying down, feeling like he would fall, or fall when walking, a staggering gait. Head heaviness and numbness. Hair grows faster or darker, or is hard and brittle. Intolerable and incessant itching in scalp desquamation; abscesses.
6 - () conjunctival discharge copious adherent mucus or pus. Pain or pressure in the eye. Fall of eyebrows and eyelashes. Itching of eyelids and edges.
Everything seems to move when walking. Vision improvement by persistent weak that epistaxis.
7 Cerumen greatly increased, viscous, almost liquid, pale brown. 7l Itching ear, relieved to get a lot of wax. Otalgia. Roaring in ears with hearing loss.
8 Frequent sneezing with thick mucus secretion. Watery nasal discharge; adherent yellowish. Tendency to epistaxis. Itching in nostrils.
9 - () expressions of suffering. Face: sunken, thin, red and hot, itching, redness cireunscripto. Violent waves of blood films in the face. Sensation of cobweb on the left cheek. Copious sweat on the face, they do rub. Parotid swelling.
10 feel very elongated teeth. Drawing and tearing toothache, almost can not eat.
11 Gums: blistered, painful. Tongue white at the edges, brown in the middle. Dilated veins under the tongue. Folds in the oral mucosa, followed by desquamation. Tingling in the back of the palate. Very bad taste in the morning.
12 Trends to hawk. Cervical lymphadenopathy.
13 Many appetite or decreased. Great thirst with chills. Asco; vomiting.
Pressure in the stomach, with epigastric fullness and swelling.
14 - () Hepatitis. Violent pains in the spleen. Marked intestinal fermentation, with bowel sounds and flatus. Colicos. Heaviness of abdomen, bearing down. Swelling of the right groin hernia with sensation.
15 - () rectal bleeding. Burning in the rectum. When urinating, are urgent desire to defecate. Early morning diarrhea; copious mucous or liquid or mixed with pieces; involuntary black or gray, with smell of rotten eggs, followed by great exhaustion. Constipation, worse during menstruation.
16 Nephritis, pressure in the renal region. Frequent urination: at night, after coffee, with little sweat. Urine copious dark green with yellow sediment, greasy; hardens clothes.
Male Genitalia 17 voluptuous, excited. Intolerable itching. Nocturnal emissions.
Repeated Abortions 18. Sterility. Mucus. Amenorrhea. Menses reappear after menopause. Very large and prolonged menses, delayed; dark.
Loose cough in morning 19. Mucous expectoration, sticky, sweet, salty.
Dyspnoea when walking or climbing stairs. Oppression of breathing with diaphragmatic constriction in the region, as if it were too tight.
Angina 20. Feeling weak chest. Violent heart action, rapid, palpitations. Pulse slow, irregular, rapid or intermittent.
21 tremor and rigidity in the neck, twitching.
22 - () tremor and weakness in the extremities. Very rapid growth of nails. Members: quietly, wanting to move, heavy, tired, exhausted.
Swelling of hands and feet. Sweats in the hands and feet skin is wrinkled hands. Burning heat in their hands. Tremor. Trend. Ener felons. Great exhaustion in the lower limbs with pain in the toes. Cramps in the thighs. Rheumatic pains in the right thigh, worse walking; in fernur right. Painful and tender feet, burning. Bromhidrosis feet. Corns and calluses.
23 Somnolence. Normal sleep, but it rests. Not wanting to get up.
24 Has chills the air less on clothing or under the covers or when undressing after a bath. Alternation of stingrays and cold. General heat after a difficult evacuation of hard stools. Burning sensation of heat throughout the body, sometimes with nausea. Copious sweat from a long walk, itching, dripping from his head. The sweat stain brown.
25 Skin thickened, leathery, rough and sand between your toes, feel shriveled. Cracks. Desquamation. Vesicles, pustules. Red spots and high. Painful abscess with suppuration very long. Intolerable itching.