Wyethia helenoides. Yerba Santa. Yohimbinum. Zinc. Zingiber. Zizia aurea. Homeopathy

Wyethia helenoides
Pharyngitis. Bronchial asthma.

Yerba Santa
And bronchial asthmatic condition.

Virile impotence, states of exhaustion; prophylaxis after opera-tions in the urogenital tract for the purpose of "cut" the resulting blood congestion.

Seizures and paralysis symptoms, such as chorea minor and epilepsy.

Zinc picrinicum
States of psychic exhaustion. Neurasthenia. Headache. Facial paralysis.

Zinc sulfuricum
Headaches of nervous origin. Spasms and cramps in arms and legs.

Bloating, flatulence. Bronchial asthma, especially at night.

Zizia aurea
Hysteria, chorea symptoms.

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