Wyethia. Homeopathy

(W. helenoides)
Mental symptoms of Wyethia
1 Nervous, anxious, fearful calamity. Impatient; fighter.
Irritable strain.
2 Depressed, with aversion to the company. Mental incapacity for work.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Wyethia
3 Down: after noon, after dinner, by motion, for the year.
4 It feels very weak, as after a severe illness.
5 Dizziness. Rush of blood to the head. Frontal pain over the right eye.
Terrible headache during perspiration, worse slightest movement.
6 Itching in the inner corner of eye.
7 Itching in the right ear. Left otalgia.
Burning mouth sensation 8. Drooling thick saliva; sweet.
9 - () pharyngitis or nasopharyngitis subacute or chronic, with bloating, burning, dryness and itching in the throat and nares, with constant desire to swallow saliva to relieve dryness, itching, or throat, and dysphagia, with little or no secretion. Feel the elongated uvula. Sensation of heat down the esophagus, worse when you eat. He wakes up with a sharp pain in the right amygdala, with painful lymphadenopathy in the neck.
Belching 10 alternating with hiccup. Nausea and vomiting. Weight in the stomach, as if he had eaten something indigestible.
Pain 11 bearing down on the right side of the belly.
12 anal and rectal itching. Diarrhea at night with dark brown stool.
Constipation, with dark brown stool, as if burnt. Great anal constriction. Hemorrhoids.
13 Pain in left ovary, which extends to the knee. Amenorrhea after childbirth. Flow. Periods with constant burning pain with paroxysmal exacerbations.
14 Burning sensation in the bronchi. Dry cough, pounding, night, tickling in the epiglottis. Deep, aching pain under the right ribs.
Bradycardia 15.
16 Pain in the right arm with stiffness of the wrist and hand. Neuralgic pain in the left arm and hand extended to the back. Stepfather painful. Tingling in his right foot while standing.
17 It wakes early and often.
Chills 18 to 11 hours or 13, thirsty for cold water, no thirst during the fever, profuse sweating all night with pains in the back and limbs. Cold sweat all over that come and go in waves.
Fever with pain all over his body, right tonsillitis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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