X Ray (X-ray). Homeopathy

(Powers made with absolute alcohol for half an hour exposed to X-rays)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of X RAY
1 - () Irritable, wanting to kill, especially before and during menses. Misanthropy (during renal colic); not want to answer questions or see anyone or talk to anyone; great aversion to the company.
2 Depression. Intel stunned. Mistype words. Go horrible faces of old when you close your eyes.
3 Down: in bed at dusk and at night, or after noon, outdoors, by cold, by motion. Better: for warm applications.
4 Great weariness and exhaustion, excessive and general prostration. Earthquakes.
Anemia, leukemia.
Desire and aversion OF X RAY
5 - () I want candy. Aversion to meat.
6 - () pressive frontal headache, worse in the center of the forehead, worse stooping, after rising, after noon, turning the head or move it on the pillow at night and by the slightest touch; better, perfectly still , hard pressure or walking, with drowsiness. Vertex headache, worse on waking, on blowing nose, coughing and sneezing, and head down. Headache on right side of the head in the left temple, worse at 20 hours. Sensation of fullness in the head, or vacuum, worse at night in bed. Violent throbbing headache and pressure out in front in blast during menstruation, better by hot wet compresses.
Hair loss, or increased growth.
7 Eyelids heavy fallen. Sore eyes, but in the right, worse touch. Congestion eye on rising.
8 Pain in the left ear when pressed, later in the right.
Outward pressure in the ears. Fullness, but in the right ear. Hey hum, bells, whistles, jets.
9 feeling of sulfur in the nose with much sneezing.
Watery coryza or mucosanguinolenta with nasal obstruction (most left) and cephalic fullness, worse tomorrow. Nasal Congestion.
10 Pain in the right upper jaw, stitches in his face. Sense of electric current on the left side of the face. Sensation of paralysis on his right cheek. Hemiface red rash on the right.
11 - () Teeth discolored or gray-green. Toothache in incisors, worse from noise or shaking. Bad taste in mouth, or sour. Tongue dry, rough, sore.
12 - () Sense of sulfur in the throat, or tightness. Pharyngeal mucous greenish gray. Pain on swallowing, especially in the left tonsil. Sensation of foreign body lodged in the pharynx elongated, worse on swallowing, when passed, is a feeling of hollowness, and painful traaar.
Anorexia 13. Thirst for cold drinks. Nausea and vomiting, sweats.
14 Distension and fullness in the abdomen. Heaviness and fullness in the 1ipogastrio, as if to have diarrhea. Drawing pains and mordants in the appendicular region. In the lower right abdomen, severe cramps, worse from motion, with the sensation of bubbles that will burst.
15 - () Diarrhea mucosanguinolentas feces. Constipation, with ineffectual efforts. Green stools of normal consistency. Pruritus ani.
16 - () left renal colic with vomiting, nausea and urinary retention; with excruciating pains ejiga extended to enormous anxiety, cold sweats, tremors and sunken eyes, followed by great prostration. Frequent urination at night. Oliguria. Urgency.
17 - () Male infertility. Atrophy of the testicles. Lack of desire; impotence. Testicles relaxed. Gonorrhea.
18 Menses dark green. Pain that jumps up in the left ovary, when sitting, standing or walking. Bursting, premenstrual weight and distention in the abdomen. Amenorrhea.
Flushes of heat.
Cough from tickling 19 laryngeal or palpitations, but tomorrow, with tearing sensation in the bronchi, better eating. Expectoration greenish gray or gelatinous. Erratic stitches in the chest, worse on the right.
Sensation of tightness in the chest, worse at night, better burping.
Sensation of drops of water falling within the chest, or something that breaks.
20 - () extrasystoles when coughing or mourn. The heart sounds preventing sleep when lying on left side. Pulsations with diffuse and violent desire to walk outdoors, away at bedtime. Acute pain at the tip of the heart, better lying on left side. Constant chest pain. Bleeding tendencies. Hypochromic anemia.
Leukopenia. Thrombocytopenia.
21 - () Painful stiffness in the neck, lifting her head from the pillow.
Cramp-like pains in the back and lumbar region, morning walking.
Pain throughout the spine. Sensation of a cold drop of sweat runs down the left side of the column. Widespread sense of paralysis from the spine to the left leg. Cracking neck.
22 - () as electric current sensations in arms and legs, as if asleep. Pain like rheumatism in the wrists and forearms. Joint sounds. It can hold things with his left hand by lack of strength. Tremors in the limbs. Palms rough, scaly and sometimes bleeding. Right sciatica, worse when walking. Varicose veins on inside of knees and legs, with swelling and pain. Heat and swelling in the feet, worse in spring. Painful sensation in the inside of the left knee, as if tugged by the hair, worse when walking, rubbing or scratching better.
Just 23 sleeps, chills going up the back is prevented.
Sleepy by day. Feel sleepy, but can not sleep. Constant insomnia. He wakes up frequently at night. Sound: with fights, with occupations or work; eroticos very vivid.
Chills 24 undressing in a warm room, moving or 2na draft. Copious sweats at bedtime. Fever, sweating and weakness.
25 - () pale, sclerotic; cold; irrugada. Pruritic papular or vesicular eruptions. Eczema wet or dry. Hyperkeratosis. Warts.
Psoriasis. A thickened. Periungual erythema. Skin cancer.