Xanthoxylum. Homeopathy

(X. americanum or Fraxineum)
MENTAL OR pathogenesis SINTOMSA Xanthoxylum
1 Depression with weakness. Indifference does not care whether he lives or dies. This is completely empty of ideas. Fear of dying.
2 Nervosa, as frightened. Easily startled, hysterical.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Xanthoxylum
3 - () or neuralgic pains that radiate abnormally far (in the case of neuralgia, clearly outside the territory of the affected nerve) neuralgia in the form of electric shock or pricking the pains are of a rheumatic, with feeling numbness or pricking; worse by the humidity and after 4 in the morning, better lying down; to predominance in the left side, often accompanied by face red and hot.
4 Worse, shaking his head sharply. Better: lying, drinking ice water by pressure.
The 4th Sensation as if floating in the air while sitting, as if to sink while lying in bed.
SPECIFIC Xanthoxylum
5 - () Dizziness with nausea, worse after getting up, must go back to bed.
Frontal or severe headaches over the eyes, especially right side, burning, pressing or throbbing, throbbing on the root of the nose; worse by moving the head suddenly and before menstruation; extended to the vertex and orbits, with hot flushes face and head, or dizzy. Pain in the left side of the head and left elbow. Heaviness in the crown. Feeling that you are to lift the dome. Cephalic fullness.
Numbness or net on the left side of the head, nose and body.
Sense of looseness in the brain to shake his head, followed by dizziness.
The head seems to break into pieces. Tight band sensation around the head.
6 Eyes bloodshot, with sensation of having sand. Tearing. Mydriasis.
Twitching in the eyelids. Vision blurred. See all blue, flashes of blue light.
7 Hear ringing in the ears, but in the right; noise of mills in the left loud noise like a valve that opens and closes were constantly. Dull pain in right ear, and behind or below.
8 coryza flowing like water, or mucosanguinolentas crusts removed. Nasal dryness. Epistaxis.
9 - () Pain in the jaw joint, right, in the left jaw. Face red, passionate and hot. Facial pallor, with chest pain. Edema of face.
10 Sialorrhea. Tongue yellow. Peppery taste. Burning and dryness in the mouth and tongue. The language seems to expand and contract alternately.
11 Sensacionbs in throat pepper, a lump on the left to swallow, which passes to the right, as tight in a vice; of swelling with aatidos. Intense burning and stinging at the esophagus. Dry throat with dysphagia.
12 Very thirsty, it takes much time. Very hungry, or no appetite.
Gastric sensation of languor, if you eat a few bites, you have nausea or vomiting. Belching. Nausea with headache or chills. Sensation of fullness or pressure in the epigastrium.
13 Rumbling with flatulence. Colicos to wake in the morning.
Aching from the womb to the pressure.
Constipation 14. Diarrhea with cramps and liquid stools, brown, mixed with mucus. Severe epidemic dysentery with tenesmus, intestinal cramps and bloat. Asiatic cholera in the collapse stage.
15 Urine scanty and dark, or profuse and clear in nervous women.
16 - () Menses early and copious; or delayed and scanty, thick, almost black, with intense pain that makes it scream and radiating to the sciatic or femoral nerve left, leaving a feeling of numbness, with headache over the left eye , fullness in head, bloodshot eyes, photophobia and red face, as feverish and there are pains of bearing down with terrible back pain going down the legs.
Pains in the ovaries, especially in the left extended to the groin or hips, thighs and shoulders, often wax and wane gradually.
Amenorrhea, sometimes wet feet. Menopause. Copious, milky white, sometimes instead of, or in the dates on which menstruation was to come.
Wrongs. Profuse lochia.
Hoarseness 17. Afonia from cold. Pain in the lower right lung, deep inspiration or coughing. Constant desire to breathe deeply.
Dry cough day and night, or just outdoors. Asthma, with inspiration very difficult.
Chest tightness. Pleuritic pains, neuralgic on the right side of the chest.
18 chest pain sharp, sometimes waking, that took her breath away, with pallor, worse on inspiration. Irregular or intermittent pulse.
19 Pain and stiffness in the neck, better from hard pressure and throwing his head back. Neck pain and sacrum, lower back during menstruation.
Nape asleep. Pain under left shoulder blade. Pain from the neck to the right shoulder blade. Feel the tailbone lengthened and is very sensitive to pressure, aching constantly, just may be sitting on a cushion.
20 - () Cramps sudden wrist and knee. Neuralgic pains in the limbs, with numbness and weakness, such as electric shocks.
Numbness and paralysis of the left side. Hemiplegia. It seems that the soil is soft as wool, when walking. Sciatica, worse in hot weather. Crural neuralgia. Great weakness in the legs.
Arm, shoulder and left foot asleep.
21 Somnolence. Sueno heavy. Sounds flying over the houses drowning.
22 feels heat in all veins. Flash of heat from head to toe. Frequent Chills with terrible nausea and pain in the extremities. Typhoid fever in the collapse stage.
23 Measles with lack of sufficient development of the rash, with 2turdimiento and drowsiness. Old ulcers.