Xerophyllum. Homeopathy

(Lily Tamalpais)
Mental symptoms of Xerophyllum
1 - () daze, can not concentrate on the study. Forget the names. Common words are wrong, writes the last letter at the beginning of words. Loss of consciousness.
2 Worse: for cold water applications, afternoon and evening.
Better: for hot water applications, to the morning, moving the affected part.
SPECIFIC Xerophyllum
3 Sensation of fullness in the head. Throbbing pain in the forehead and eyes. Great pressure on the root of the nose.
4 Pain and burning eyes, with sensation of having sand. Has difficulty focusing your eyes in close work.
Stuffy nose 5. Tight feeling in the bridge of the nose. Acute nasal catarrh. Feel nares raw, with secretion of thick, yellow mucus from behind.
6 Face puffy in the morning, puffy under the eyes.
7 points in the throat when swallowing.
8 Stomach full and heavy. Belching acid; fetid, an hour after eating. Vomiting for 14 hours.
Flatulence 9. Rumbling in the morning, wanting to move her bowels.
Lymphadenopathy in the groin.
10 Constipation with hard stool in small pieces. Many efforts to defecate, even with loose stools. Flatus abundant. Bearing down pain in the rectum.
11 Difficulty in retaining urine leaks when you walk. Frequent urination at night.
12 - () Acute Vulvovaginitis flow, bearing down and uterine pains. Furious vulvar itching, worse from cold wet applications, better if they are hot, it causes an increase in sexual desire.
Pain 13 tracheal; constriction.
14 feels hot from the sacrum to the shoulder blades. Back pain spread to her legs. Pain in the kidney region. Heat deep into the column.
Muscle pains 15. Earthquakes. Pain in the knees. Feel stiff limbs. Lymphadenopathy in the popliteal fossa.
16 - () Eczema or very hot and itchy rash, which is aggravated by cold application and improvement of the hot. Blisters or vesicles pinching. Rough and cracked skin, feels like leather. Dermatitis, especially in the knees.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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