Yage. Homeopathy

(Banisteria CAAP)
Mauro Hernandez Mesa pathogenesis homeopathy (from Colombia), VII 1969.
1 - () manic state, with heated language, not knowing that it was so not what you said, with intense aversion to loved ones (and even feel hatred towards them) and, simultaneously and contradictorily, is very friendly and affectionate people he is usually unfriendly. Delusion of persecution, feels threatened by ghosts who force him to walk from side to side as if "driven by a force that wants him out of the ground and airborne. It has the vision of the suicide of a beloved friend.
2 - () Lack of memory, can not remember what he did just minutes before.
3 - () The Yage ingestion of drug addiction produces a state of virtually irreversible, probably through the feeling of happiness and well being incurred, together with the subsidence of the sensations of hunger and thirst.
4 Sense of devitalized. Epilepsy. Sydenham chorea.
Migraines 5. Severe frontal headache and deep, or wall extending from the left to occiput.
Stuttering 6, when he must take pains to pronounce the words. Abundant sublingual salivation nausea and vomiting. Paralysis of the tongue can only articulate the guttural words.
7 bilious vomiting, albuminous and bitter.
8 Dolores acute liver region, worse at night.
9 weakened anal sphincter.
10 Polluria, yellow urine, foul-smelling.
1l Increased sexual desire in men. Pain in the prostate and testicles.
12 Increase of sexual desire in women. Stabbing pains in right ovary.
13 Tachycardia, worse in the moon changes.
14 Chill in colui nna. Sensation of torpor in the lumbar region.
15 right-sided hemiplegia and the patient's leg dragging along the floor.
Telepathic dreams 16.