Yucca filamentosa. Homeopathy

Yucca filamentosa
(Yuca. Bear Grass)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Yucca filamentosa
1 - () Intel declined, with aversion to the study (sometimes focus on sexual thoughts). Wandering mind. Can not remember anything that you have read, or what you just said, hey, but apparently not understood; stunning. Use the wrong words. Undecided.
2 Very discouraged. Irritable. Restless.
General symptoms of Yucca filamentosa
3 Down: on the sounds, by motion; by pressure.
SPECIFIC Yucca filamentosa
Pressing 4 frontal headache, throbbing. Headache in temples, spread to the eyes, photophobia, worse from noise, motion and heat or shock, with drowsiness. Sensation as if the crown were to fly.
Intense throbbing in the temporal arteries. Intense and annoying itching on the scalp at night. Sensation of cold air blowing on the left side of the head.
5 eyes feel hot and swollen. Itching and burning in left eye, and the angle. Dark circles. Pain over left eye.
6 Pain behind the right ear. Very sensitive to sound.
Red nose 7. Watery, copious, bloody, right side, the left is dry.
8 Face yellowish, sallow, pale, passionate and fiery. Malar pain.
Temporomandibular joint pain.
9 - () Language yellow, flabby, with dental impressions, white with raised papillae, or bluish white, as if burned. Foul breath. Dry mouth and soft palate in the back. Like rotten eggs.
10 feeling that something hanging in the choanae. Mucus like threads hanging in the throat, greasy-looking. Dark red throat and tonsils.
11 Appetite increased or absent. Gastralgias, epigastric pain and sensitive.
12 - () abdominal pain and bloating after eating. Rumbling. Odorless flatus. Painful cramps in the stomach after breakfast, worse from motion, better lying down, followed by diarrhea. Liver with painful congestion of the liver, biliary hypersecretion, bad breath, yellow-toothed tongue, headaches, and diarrhea subictericia bilious, with dull pain in the center of the liver, spread to the back. Abdominal cramps bending double.
13 Wish constant bowel movements. Diarrhea preceded by colic, with copious stools, watery, yellow, brown, bilious, or first and large hard stool, then watery, with burning anal.
Pollakiuria 14. Red swelling around the meatus, with sense of being raw. Burning with urination. Urine of high density.
15 erections all night, or morning. Foreskin swollen and burning.
Cough lasts 16. Constriction in the chest. Pain in the intercostal muscles above. Very intense and painful cramps in the right chest, worse when bending, sitting upright and somewhat better backward.
17 Constriction of the heart, pains. Pulse full, somewhat irregular. Visible throbbing in the arteries of the hands.
18 muscle contractures, which carry the head back. Can not bear the collar on the neck feels tight. Pain in left shoulder blade at 21 hours.
Painful cramps in 19 knees and left calf. Feel as if sprained ankle.
20 Very sleepy in the evening. Sleep restless. Dreams.
Chilly 21, should be near the fire. Hot and feverish. Facial sweating at night.
22 flushes, flushing.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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