Zinc (metalicum)

ZINCUM (zinc)

1 - () Plays the table in the brain or nervous exhaustion, neurasthenia old, following an extended studies or overwork by excessive mental activity, repeated vigils or social evenings or poisoning. There is a difficulty or a slowness in understanding and responding. Mental confusion, especially on waking. Marked weakness of memory with difficulty to get his thoughts and a shortage of ideas.
Progressive Stupidity, stupidity. Forgetful, does not remember what he has done in the day. Before answering a question, always repeated, as if trying to remember it or fix it better, and answers slowly. Children or people something silly, dazed and docile, after meningoencefalicas conditions, an expressionless face. Stupor or unconsciousness if not the rash in eruptive diseases, and after eruptions. The child repeats everything they say.

2 - () hypersensitivity to the slightest sound (which makes startling) to voices, makes it worse to hear about others, and remains silent, especially at night, prone to sitting.

3 - () torment everyone with their complaints and complaints, whines and complains constantly, especially during the day. But he has a way of being very moody or alternating with sadness and joy or hilarity noon evening, or vice versa.

4 - () Irritable and impatient. Irritable evening; irritable children, crossed, especially in the evening (in brain affections). Moody,
not talk to anyone. Have outbursts of anger, and great anxiety when left alone. Are easily offended.

5 - () Scream, especially when you sleep (you sleep shocks) and on waking, before seizures and in diseases of the brain or meningeal (brain cry "). Sleepwalking by eruptions or suppressed emotions. Pinch the blankets.

6 - () Fear of the dark, darkness, thieves, ghosts or phantoms, to die, to fall. Anxiety: premenstrual, during the fever of conscience, guilt (with regret). Think about death, as if the end was near. Great restlessness.

7 - () or mania Insania suppressed eruptions. He laughs too. Delirium niolento, believes they will arrest him for a crime or that he will be killed, or go devils, and wants to escape, having a hard time stopping, impetuous. Mystical mental disorders. During delirium, and in children, there is constant pressure on pubic or placing the hand on the genitals.

8 - () Sadness, better during menstruation. Crying without cause. Suicidal. Shy, blushes. Aversion to work and walk.

9 - () Disorders emotions hear horrible things worse.

10 Hurried when eating or drinking.

11 - () automatic and involuntary movements in the mouth, arms and hands, but where is the number one key symptom of Zinc, which is what leads to their prescription often is in the feet, incessant and violent feeling of agitation or restlessness in the feet or lower extremities, which causes must move them constantly, even against their will and even sleeping, you can not keep them still.

12 - () There is a marked deficit of vitality, on a scale that is too weak to develop rashes, to produce menstruation, to expectorate or urine, etc.., A fact raises a number of mental disorders (see 1 and 5) and physical (see Special Requests), and removal of eruptions or discharges. Effects of rashes eruptive diseases (measles, scarlet fever, etc..) Occurring too slowly, or not occur or are suppressed. Excessive weakness in the morning on waking, walking, diarrhea, starvation, before menstruation, by caring for sick.

13 - () There are two particular modalities of Zinc. First, the improvement during menstruation (especially the nervous and genital) all suffering, improve symptoms and disorders is just beginning to flow menstruation (except convulsions and chorea (see 14)), but reappear again to stop . Second, the aggravation of the wine, can not bear the least amount of wine it produces or aggravates headaches, nausea, heartburn, acid eructation, hiccups, vomiting and even Korea.

14 - () Convulsions, especially in children, in the dentition, looking pale and without fever, convulsed eyes and gnashing of teeth from suppressed eruptions or rashes that do not spring, during menstruation, for fright, in the puerperium; tonic or clonic, with fall or paralysis. Korea involuntary movements of the mouth, head, hands and feet or lower extremities (see 11), or move a hand and head, or turn this on one side to another can be caused or aggravated by fright, suppressed eruptions during menstruation, at rest, after dinner, with wine and dusk. Twitching, jerking in muscles isolated. Violent tremors throughout the body, especially after emotions. Parkinson's Disease. Fainting.

15 - () Worst: by touch, by pressure, by shaking or traveling, lying, sitting, at rest, from movement; by mental effort or aisicos; walking; from 11 to 12 hours in the evening (from 17 to 19 hours) and night, from cold when overheated; by heat, in a warm room, outdoors or by air currents (very sensitive) after eating or drinking, for sugar, milk or wine (see 13) or veal; through noise or hear about, before and during menstruation. Amelioration: discharges (thoracic symptoms of cough, bladder urination, back by pollution and, in general, menstruation (see 13)); by the appearance of eruptions or rashes poorly developed.

16 Violent pulsation throughout the body. Sensation of cold in the bones.
Numbness, tingling, tingling. Hemolytic anemia with profound prostration.

Desire and aversion of Zinc
17 - () I want beer, beverages and food cold, Aversion to meat, sweets, wine and brandy, fish, food cooked and hot.

18 - () Vertigo as if to have a stroke, as if the head moved up and down as if his seat ripple as if it were to fall to the right to be in a fear of heights or fall to the left; worst morning in a warm room and after eating or looking up, and better outdoors, with obscured vision, feeling that you meet the eyes, nausea, faintness and trembling hands. Headache after drinking wine (albeit very little), with nausea and vomiting. Pressure in the nasal region, as if about to sink into his head, frontal headache Pressing the morning. Hemicrania after dinner. Occipital headache in the vertex weight. The headaches are worse in one room, in evening in bed and after eating, better outdoors and during menstruation.
Headache in school study hard. Sensitivity on the vertex. Cold front, warm base of the brain. Acute meningitis or encephalitis of head movements from side to side and sinks into the pillow, headache, vomiting, with cephalic cry and painful stiffness of the neck. Tuberculous meningitis. Hydrocephalus. Feeling that the hair is erect, falls into the vertex; baldness.

19 - () Pains in the eyes, burning, tearing, pressing, as if they sink in the head, or like sand, with photophobia and tearing, especially in the inner corner, worse in evening and night. Itching, burning and feeling of excoriation of the eyelids and eyes, especially in the inner corner, worse during menstruation and at night or morning.
Acute purulent conjunctivitis, with redness, worse in the inner corner.
Pterygium. Post-encephalitic Strabismus. Dry eyes. The eyelids are glued night. Postoperative intense burning in her eyes. Paralysis and fall of the upper eyelids. Miosis. Go look shining brightly in the air or rain is gold. Diplopia. Amaurosis during headache. Go a half cloudy vision.

Earache 20 tearing or puncture, especially in children, with swelling 2xterna. Increased wax, which becomes more liquid. Itching in the right ear, putting his finger better. Discharge of fetid pus from the ear. Bells, ringing, crackling as if it would break a glass, to sleep. Very sensitive to noise.

21 - () excoriating pain inside the nose. Nasal obstruction. Intense painful pressure in the root of the nose, as if it were introduced in the head with dizziness. Tingling with sneezing. Nose swollen inside and out, sometimes on one side. Fluent coryza. Red nose, the tip freezes easily.

22 - () face pale and earthy, alternately red and pale, cadaverous, cachectic, sharp, blue-white, waxy, white or yellowish. Expression apathetic, absent. Tearing, stitching or fracture in the bones of the face. Spasmodic twitching in Risorius, with constant tendency to laugh. Trigeminal neuralgia, worse on touch and dusk. Cracks in the lips and corners. Lips swollen and dry. Upper lip sore in the middle. Stitches in the jaw joint, or heavy biting when moved or pressed with a finger. Itchy rash and redness on the chin.

23 - () Toothache chewing. Teeth loose, feel elongated. Grinds teeth, awake or asleep. Disorders of dentition in the child, with weakness and cold feet and restless.

24 yellow ulcers in the mouth. Bleeding gums at the slightest touch, white, swollen, painful excoriated, ulcerated. Sialorrhea with metallic taste. Tongue dry, white or yellowish-white, with vesicles; sore to eat. Palate inflamed, with pain when yawning. Taste of blood (more than in pregnancy), salty, sweet, rotten cheese.

Dry throat 25. Great accumulation of mucus adherent to the pharynx or nares, to hawking constant need to remove them.
Sensation of lump in throat, worse when not swallowing. Sore throats, but when not swallowing. Contraction and cramps in the esophagus, worse during inspiration.

26 - () Violent thirst, drink hurry. Hunger decreased. Voracious appetite, insatiable, with intense hunger at 11 or 12 hours, and hurry down, can not eat fast enough (symptom that is seen especially in brain disorders in the child). Acid regurgitation after eating, especially bread or milk. Burning for sugar or sweet things. Hiccups after breakfast.
Nausea, retching and vomiting, worse slightest movement. Nausea by the slightest ingestion of wine. Retch; in pregnancy, bile acid; blood. Spasms in the stomach. Sudden oppression in the stomach, must loosen clothing. Gastralgias tearing.

27 - () Pains in the hypochondria, jerky or pressing, worse after eating, moving and walking. Liver bulky, hard and painful.
Pains in the spleen. Stomach pains at night or after a meal with bloat. Pain at a point below the navel as a induration. Periumbilical spasmodic colic. Stabbing pains, or cramps on eodo after breakfast. Pronounced flatulence or retracted with distended abdomen, with rumbling and gurgling, worse after eating, with frequent expulsion of flatus hot and putrid. Inguinal hernia. Pressing pain in the pubis. Inguinal lymphadenopathy. Bubo, most left.

28 - () Constipation with hard, dry stools, insufficient and fragmented, violent efforts evacuated. Constipation of the newborn. Infantile diarrhea, worse at night, with liquid stool, greenish, mucous or bloody, cramps and urgency, with pain during and after stool, with nervous disorders, stupor, agitation, spasmodic jerks, automatic movement of the head, disorders that appear especiabnente to abruptly stop diarrhea. Involuntary stools, especially in tables acute cerebral or meningeal worse tomorrow. Burning, rawness and violent itching in the anus. Burning anal defecation. Feeling that the flatus pressure against the coccyx. Tingling and anal tingling as if I had parasites.

29 - () Stitches and pain in the kidneys, but on the left. Kidney stones or bladder gravel. Retention of urine nervous or hysterical when he begins to urinate, violent pressure in the bladder as if it would burst and excessive desires, but can only urinate sitting and leaning backwards. Involuntary urination when walking, coughing or sneezing, and night. Urine clear with white sediment, turbid after standing. Bloody urine, or there is a discharge of blood after a painful urination. Burning while urinating and after. Incisive pains in the urethral meatus.

30 - () Testiculos retracted, swollen and painful. Drawing pains in the testes and spermatic cord, with one or other of the testicles arriha.
Excoriating pain in the scrotum. Orchitis suppression of gonorrhea.
Intense sexual desires, violent, excessive, with easy excitability, with ejaculation very fast or, conversely, very difficult or almost impossible.
Permanent erections at night. Out of prostatic fluid. Great genital hair loss. He always has his hands on his genitals, or are manipulated, tendency to masturbate. The child grasps genitals during cough.

31 - () Sense of bearing down. Menses early and abundant, especially at night, with large clots, or late, preceded by an extreme agitation and nervousness, with back pain, all complaints disappear during menses. Menses suppressed, with pain in the breasts and genitals. Menstrual cramps.
Irresistible sexual desires night violent take it to masturbate.
Nymphomania in the postpartum period. Masturbation, always has his hands on his genitals. Mucus, thick, bloody, excoriating and after menstruation, causing intense itching voluptuous inducing masturbation. Vulvar itching during menstruation. Pain in left ovary, continuous, better by pressure and during menses, reappearing soon after. Veins in the external genitalia, varicose veins in the legs, worse during pregnancy. Abundant genital hair loss.
Tendency to abortion. Suppression of lochia. Excoriating pain in the nipples.
Tupresion or absence of milk.

32 - () Hoarseness, with burning in the trachea. Tickling frequent in the larynx.
Cough, spasmodic, violent, dry, exhausting, with stitches in the head and thorax, as if about to burst, worse after eating, resting, sitting, standing, for milk, sweets and alcoholic drinks before (tomorrow) and during menses, with sticky mucus expectoration, yellow, purulent, blood streaked with metallic taste, sweet or putrid, or coughed up pure blood or mucus followed by sensation of cold and excoriation in the chest, as if it were raw . The child grasps genitals when coughing, the cough worse. Asthma with difficult expectoration, dyspnea, sputum production ceases just beginning. Constriction around the thorax. Pressing pain and burning behind the sternum. Stitches in the sides. Sensation of emptiness in the chest. Left intercostal neuralgia, worse by motion.

33 Palpitations. Precordial painful blows, stitches on the tip of the heart. Bursting, spasmodic, sudden, in the heart.
Violent arterial pulsations during fever. Tachycardia.

34 - () Painful stiffness in the neck. Can not bear to be touched even the slightest pressure on the back. Cervical region feels tired and sore for writing or on any exertion, worse at night. Irritation of the spinal cord with prostration and numbness in limbs infeiores. Tabes (plantar anesthesia, lightning pains, etc.).. Dolores deep, shooting and burning in the last thoracic and first lumbar vertebrae, worse after sitting still or walking make wine better. Burning throughout the column. Weakness in back, worse sitting. Tension between the shoulder blades and needles. Burning in the shoulder blades. Pains in the sacrum and coccyx.

35 - () weakness, tremors and jerking or fibrillar contractions in muscles of the extremities. Joint pains in the limbs tearing, worse from getting hot or exercises. Stiffness in joints, cutting pains, and violent itching. Cramping and spasmodic pains in the limbs. Rheumatic pains in the limbs.
Weakness and trembling of the hands when writing, paralysis, and pallor or cyanosis of the hands. Dry skin on hands, cracked and itchy patches, cracks between toes. Chilblains swollen, painful, itchy, hot and red hands, feet and fingers, worse by rubbing. Fingers asleep upon arising in the morning. Varicose veins on thighs and legs, painful, worse in pregnancy, varicose veins. Edema in the legs. Itching in the legs and behind the knees, tingling in legs and feet as if an insect she walked through the skin, with insomnia. Nocturnal pains in the knees. Burning pain along the tibia. Sensation as if the blood does not circulate on the legs. Stiffness and tension in the calves at
walk. Erysipelas on the Achilles tendon. Terrible pain in the heel terebrante and after drinking wine, worse walking. Stiffness of the foot after being much sitting. Weakness and trembling of the feet, paralysis or neurological suppression of sweating of the foot. Bromhidrosis feet, nastimado fingers. Cold feet at night. Great sensitiveness of the soles of the feet. Walk to support the whole plant on the floor. Tendon areflexia. Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet. Great restlessness in the limbs, especially in the lower, especially in the legs and, even more so, in feet, at dusk or at night in bed and that lasts for hours, often persisting in the dream, and also while sitting (see ll), can not stop.

36 Sleepiness during the day, worse after eating, yawning. Disturbed sleep, often interrupted, speaks or shouts sleeping, or have sudden jolts. He wakes up frightened, startled by frightening dreams. The dream did not rest. Sleepwalking.

37 - () chills down the back, begin after lunch and last until the evening, worse or are outdoors when it touches a cold object and before a storm. Waves of heat internal heat sensation of cold in the belly and feet. Copious night sweats or night, foul smelling, and not tolerate being covered up when you sweat.

38 - () itching at night in bed that disappears when touched. Crawling between the skin and muscles. Chronic eruptions. Eczema on the back of his right hand, with intense irritation, cracking and moisture, worse in cold weather and rubbing. Cracks, painful, burning, worse from washing. Boil.
Ailments from suppressed eruptions.

Pulsatilla. Sepia. Sulfur.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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