Zinc mur. Homeopathy

(Zinc chloride)
1 Excess nervous prostration; tweaking the covers. Depressed, confused.
Mind clear day; erratic night. Anxiety. Semicoma.
Seizures 2. Fainting. Collapse.
Extreme emaciation 3, the skin is as straight in the face and hands.
Vertigo 4. Rush of blood to the head. Occipital and frontal headache.
5 eyes sunken. Intense mydriasis or miosis. Loss of vision.
6 - () Perversions of smell things and feces do not you smell, no odor, the smell of pine perfumes, where the meat is roasted a bit, I feel an unbearable smell of rotten.
7 Cara: distorted and livid, pale and anxious; rapture agitated and jerky. Lips swollen, with thick, clear mucus adhered.
Blisters on the lips.
8 Gums esponfosas, red and covered with sordes. Furred tongue with white or yellow, bright red, with vesicles. Foul breath. Metallic taste, and smell perverted, toast things are intolerable, the raw mstras like burned pastry, and bitter is not bitter, nor acid is acid.
9 Sore throat, painful, burning. As the diphtheritic membrane.
Constriction in the throat. Dysphagia. Burning in the esophagus.
10 - () Anorexia. Constant thirst, but an aversion to swallowing liquids. Nausea.
"Violent vomiting, food (except milk), membranous or slimy, bloody, foul. Gastralgia burning.
11 Severe pain in hypochondrium, worse eating. Sunken abdomen, with clearly defined liver edge. Intense abdominal pain and sensitivity.
12 Violent diarrhea with vomiting and collapse, the stools are watery and brown
or dark coffee grounds or tarry; green olive offensive.
Constipation with dry stool or clay, and is fragmented.
13 Nephritis. Excessive urination.
14 Afonia or whispering voice. Breathing dyspnea; fast.
Chest pain 15. Tachycardia.
16 - () Tremor of the limbs. Pains in the shoulders and back.
Tetaniformes contractures in forearm and right hand. Severe cramps in the lower extremities. Your thighs are flexed on the belly.
17 - () Insomnia. Restless sleep, but always lying on the right side with legs drawn up, and gnashing his teeth.
18 Skin? Ria, viscose. Alternations of cold and heat. She complains of cold even though the skin is warm. Front transpired, with the rest of the surface of the body warm.
19 Skin blue-green, dry, mottled blue, hot. The skin of the legs covered with thick scales sta.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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