Zinc Oxydatum. Homeopathy

ZINCUM Oxydatum
(Zinc Oxide)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis ZINCUM Oxydatum
1 - () Anxiety and agitation, with the feeling of having committed a crime.
Incapable of any serious activity.
2 Very irritable. Spasmodic or sardonic laughter.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis ZINCUM Oxydatum
3 - () Worse, lack of sleep (the effects of sleepless nights or evenings), for physical and mental effort. Better: liquid to evacuate stool, for cold water (you want a lot).
4 Visible lack of strength, the conversation is fatigue. Malaise.
Postgripal weakness. Tension and pain in the muscles during movement.
Undulating in some muscles.
5 Confusion on waking, with vertigo. Headache at night, tearing the right side of the head, on his temple.
6 Pulsations and ringing in the ears, especially in left, with increase of liquid wax and hearing loss.
7 Tingling nose and wants to sneeze. Nasal Obstruction and 7presion anxiety. Coryza after a meal, with a runny nose and difficulty breathing.
8 - () facial pallor, or bright red face. Convulsive twitching in facial muscles, sometimes with constant nausea, or muscle contracture risoria and constant desire to laugh. Dry lips.
9 - () Teeth as dull to close them. Incisors feel like they're soft and stuck together. Bitter or acrid saliva flowing from the mouth.
Sialorrhea with nausea.
10 Push in the throat. Accumulation of mucus, with tickling in larynx, dry throat and constant desire to hawk.
11 - () Anorexia total burning thirst. Regurgitation of bile after eating. Violent hiccough relieved after spitting bile. Nausea. Sudden vomiting in children. Bilious vomiting, mucus. Vomiting and diarrhea.
Gastralgias burning. Fullness in the stomach followed by vomiting of food easy. Lancinating pains in the diaphragm.
12 Colicos below the navel; tearing forth from the womb, punctures, dull pain in the umbilical region. Sharp pains in the liver. Flatulence with abdominal distension and rumbling. Abscess on pubic.
13 - () diarrhea with liquid stools, with tenesmus and stabs in the belly, followed by a marked improvement of all symptoms.
14 Dyspnoea with great oppression and constriction in the chest. Sharp pains in left chest, with pain in the left nipple, and ribs sore to touch. Affected left lung.
15 Palpitations frequent, with anxiety and tachycardia. Sensation of pressure, weight and stress on the heart.
16 Sacral pains at night, roll over in bed or bend over, spread to the lumbar vertebrae. Tearing pains in the back between the shoulders. Beats below the left shoulder blade.
17 drawing or tearing pains in the limbs, or as if it were broken, especially in the deltoid, elbow crease, hip, knee and leg. Trembling, often with twitching in the legs, trembling feet. Tension; tingling, tiredness, heaviness. Painful drawing in the bones.
18 restless sleep; sounds with fire, falls, fake currency. Drowsiness. The dream did not rest.
Constant at 19 Cold-leg, with malaise, followed by fever with chills and thrills, and a sore back, sweating in the morning, sometimes she sleeps.