Zinc sulph. Homeopathy

(Zinc Sulfate)
1 Great nervousness, anxiety and depression. Vision horrible for their headaches: he sees his son with his head smashed.
2 - () Melancholic depression after repeated or excessive masturbation * or sexual abuse.
3 prostration. Seizures. Earthquakes. General heaviness. Anemia.
4 - () Sense of tickled all over, with irresistible desire to laugh. Sensation as if blood would make great efforts to circulate through her veins.
5 - () Headache with violent thirst and sharp burning pains, feels suddenly a painful electric shock going through your head, with the feeling that your brain will explode through his skull.
6 Ojeras blue. Staring eyes and very bright; convulsed.
Tearing. Chronic keratitis. Opacities of the cornea. Granular lids.
7 Hear roars.
8 Face pale, sunken, leaden, with features tight.
9 Languages moist, white, partially paralyzed. Tongue, mouth and lips were swollen. Gums swollen and red. Irritation of the entire oral mucosa. Very acid taste.
10 Sore throat, sore, with burning and constriction. Esophagus strongly contracted, with fear of drowning.
11 intolerable thirst, with dry mouth. Heartburn. Vomiting and diarrhea, with severe stomach cramps and burning gastralgias. Intense heat in the stomach with epigastric pain.
Swollen belly with 12 retraction cord and severe cramps. Pain in the umbilicus and groin.
13 Bilious diarrhea with tenesmus; constant desire to defecate. Simultaneous diarrhea and vomiting. With thinning chronic dysentery with bloody stools and tenesmus painful.
14 metrorrhagia.
15 Severe cough with purulent and bloody. Slow, weak breathing; dyspnea. Violent burning pains in the chest. Peritoracica constricted feeling.
16 Palpitations by any movement. Dicrotic pulse, or almost absent.
17 - () Earthquakes. Cramps and spasms in the limbs, with a tendency to periodicity or alternation with itchy rashes. Convulsive movements of the upper limbs and eyes.
Estuporizado Drowsy and 18, wants to sleep and die peacefully.
19 Chills violent. Clammy skin. Burning fever followed by copious sweats. The hands are covered with cold sweat and viscous, but she feels hot and cold things to cool them play.
20 Pale yellow, or blancolechosa. Watery bloody blisters and then greenish, purulent. Prurigo in children, in the back.