Zinc Valerianicum. Homeopathy

ZINCUM Valerianicum
(Zinc valerate)
Mental symptoms of ZINCUM Valerianicum
Stunning 1, with headache and an erection. Difficulty thinking, with cephalic sensation of fullness. Hysteria with restless feet. Melanie. Fears.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis ZINCUM Valerianicum
2 - () Epilepsy without aura.
3 - () Pain in the forehead and left mastoid. Violent headaches, intermittent neuralgic that madden, preventing sleep and depressed.
Fullness especially in the occiput. Pain over right eye. Cerebrospinal meningitis and tuberculosis.
4 intensities sneezing.
5 - () Facial neuralgia, usually on the left.
6 Languages with fur white.
7 - () No appetite. Belching bitter. Gastric empty feeling on waking.
Persistent hiccups, the worse for wine.
8 Colicos it up in the morning, worse from flatus. Cramps in the stomach. Twitching in the navel and pressure on standing upright. Pain in intestines after breakfast.
9 moves first and then normal stools watery, brown, with flatus.
Ineffectual urging to stool. Stool scanty with much urgency. Hemorrhoids.
10 Trends to erections all day. Repeated nocturnal emissions, followed by weight and constriction in the perineum.
11 - () Ovarian neuralgia, with pain that jump down to the feet.
12 - () Attacks of cough with sensation of fullness in the chest and heavy weight on the chest.
13 chest pain like cramp, angina pectoris.
14 Stiffness of neck muscles. Pain in the spine.
15 Pain in the left deltoid and then the right. You can not sit still, have to have your legs in constant motion. Sciatica.
16 - () Insomnia in children weak and nervous, to recline the teeth and move their legs.