Zingiber. Homeopathy

(Z. Officinale. Ginger)
1 Nervous and anxious, but at night, you feel discomfort in the feet and not know what to do. Irritable the evening and during menstruation. 0 cheerful, good humored.
2 Forgetful, poor memory. 0 increased mental activity.
3 - () Worse from touch; lying; motion; on rising, the
evening and night, to cold air, from cold wet; for bread, for melons. Better: sitting, standing, uncovered. Feeling faint.
Vertigo 4. Head feels empty or very large. Frontal headache and eyes on the root of the nose or eyebrows, first on the left and then on the right, worse in a warm room, by laughing or lable, or eating bread. Pain around the head. Pressure and heaviness in the head inside out when walking in cold and humid air, or stooping (in front). Hemicrania. Itching of the scalp.
5 Burning eyes, photophobia with punctures, feel sand in their eyes.
Pressure in the eye outward. Low vision, cornea cloudy.
6 watery coryza, with sneezing, but outdoors. Intolerable itching and tingling in the nostrils. Dryness and obstruction in the back of the nose, with subsequent discharge of thick mucus. Ozena.
7 Bad taste in the morning. She feels herself his bad breath.
8 Dry throat, with dysphagia and sensation of obstruction. Increased mucus.
9 - () Sed. Gastric melons by eating bread or drinking impure water.
Belching, nausea. Vomiting of mucus in drinkers. Heartburn. Weak digestion. Heaviness in the stomach, as if a stone.
10 - () stitches in the spleen. Intolerable pain in a point on the right side of the belly. Cramping in the stomach after dinner or eating melons, or when standing. Great flatulence.
11 - () Diarrhea from eating melons, from drinking water in poor condition by taking cold or wet, brown mucus, worse in morning, sometimes followed by nausea.
Constipation. Redness, burning and itching in the anus and in the groove cleft. Painful piles.
12 - () Dull pain in the kidneys, but in left, with sensation of heat, worse sitting, with great desire to urinate. Subacute or chronic urethritis, with yellow and fluid secretion, urine dark brown and turbid fetida sharp or burning pain at the urethral meatus when urinating. Retention of urine after a typhoid. The urine dribbles after urination.
13 Itching in the foreskin, and it feels cold. Increased sexual desire.
Painful erections. Nocturnal emissions.
14 - () Menses early and heavy, dark blood with clots.
Metrorrhagia passive blackened blood.
15 - () Burning below the larynx, with cough and expectoration thick mucus.
Asthma or emphysema without anxiety, despite the intensity of dyspnea, sit in bed, worse at night, at dawn, with great accumulation of mucus in the bronchi. Dry cough from tickling laryngeal. Stitches in the chest. Pleuritic pain.
16 Violent precordial punctures.
Stiff neck 17. Backache, worse sitting and leaning against something, feel the bottom and hit, walking or standing, with stiffness.
Drawing 18 Rheumatic pains in the limbs. Weakness, stiffness and joint pain. Pain in the back of hands. Cramps in palms and soles. Painful swelling in the feet. Heel pain after being long standing.
Sleepy 19. Coma. He wakes up at 3, and does not get to sleep until the morning.
20 Chills in the evening, beginning in the legs and up, with great sensitiveness to open air. With simultaneous heat and chills.