Zizia. Homeopathy

(Z. Aurea or Thaspium Aureurn. Pastinaca de los Prados)
1 - () with nervous excitement alternating laughter and tears, or joy and depression. Depression followed by joy. Irritable, depressed, indifferent, come to tears. Quiet, with much suffering and sadness apparent. Thoughts of suicide.
2 - () Korea, with persistence of the movements during sleep. Epilepsy.
Seizures. Fainting.
3 - () Worse, sleeping, by touch, lying, stooping, by motion; coughing.
Fixed 4 Pain worse at night, motion, noise, light and touch.
Desire and aversion for Zizi
5 Desire for sour things and stimulating.
Dizziness 6. Rush of blood to the head and face, with sensation of fullness.
Sensation of head tight. Acute pain over the right eye, must lie in a darkened room, worse in evening and coughing. Pain in right temple, with nausea. Pressure on vertex. Occipital pain.
7 Ojos cells. Sharp pain in the right orbit, worse on eye movement, stooping, walking. Eyelids glued to the morning with mucopurulent secretion. Stye in the middle of the right upper eyelid. Photophobia.
8 nasal catarrh with sneezing and coughing. Pain in right nostril.
9 - () face pale and puffy, or one cheek red and the other pale. Terebrantes pains in malar. Pain in the jaw. Shocks in the face.
10 Languages: red and very sensitive to hot and cold drinks, yellow or white with fur, or just in the middle, with red tip and sides. Dry mouth. Bitter taste.
Tonsils and 11 red and sore palate, with mucus.
Poor appetite 12. Sed. Nausea. Bile acids or vomiting. Epigastrium tender.
Nocturnal pollutions 13. Sexual excitement. Great prostration after coitus.
14 Intermittent pain in the left ovary. Soft flow or acre.
Menses copious, but it only takes six months or one day. Abrupt withdrawal of menses.
15 Larynx rough or raw, when breathing or coughing. Trachea touch. Laryngeal dryness Dry cough or breathing deeply, chest pains. Asthma can not lie. Pains in the chest muscles, from the front and sides of the mmoplatos toras up.
16 Pain under right shoulder blade. Low back pain worse on movement.
17 - () Soreness in the muscles of the arms. Pricking in the right arm, with reduced sensitivity. Drawing on her hips. Intense fatigue in the legs after the slightest exertion. Great restlessness in the legs.
18 Somnolence. Sleep interrupted by pain. During sleep: speech; is shaken.
19 Chills, fever followed by headache, back pain, thirst, flushed cheeks, hot head, throbbing carotids and temporary visible, cold hands and feet, drowsiness and irritability, hot flushes in the face and head, followed by sweat.
20 Itching pimples on the forehead, wrists and legs.